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In the world of interior design, designers often face the challenge of clients who have design preferences that clash. It requires delicate handling to create a cohesive, harmonious space that satisfies everyone’s vision. According to Ching Tan, principal designer at Tan Interiors Design Studio, the key is to balance encouraging clients to step out of their comfort zone while incorporating familiar elements that resonate with them. “It’s all about finding that sweet spot where clients feel comfortable yet inspired,” says Tan. We break down a whole home renovation that celebrated the differences between Tan’s clients.

Colour palette

Tan embraced a neutral colour palette of earthy tones, warm whites and touches of darker hues to add contrast. In addition, the meticulous selection of wallpapers and lighting fixtures was critical in accentuating the beauty of each room. For instance, the bold wallpaper in the dining room is complemented by the brass gold finish on the lighting fixture, creating a lasting impression on all who enter.


Using a timeless and modern esthetic, Tan created a stunning kitchen design. Warm-toned white cabinetry in Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore contrasts with an olive-green island in the shade, Sage. Metal finishes in brass gold were carefully selected to complement the cabinetry tones. In addition, smart design elements were incorporated, such as a garbage bin in the island cabinet, cutlery drawers, a spice pull next to the Wolf range, a pull-out for utensils and a mini pantry to provide ample storage. Thoughtful attention to these details ensure the kitchen is beautiful and functional for daily living.

Family room

The family room integrates seamlessly with the kitchen for an open-concept look. Tan believes in giving each room its own unique feature to serve as the focal point. The large island with traditional pendant light and custom hood fan stands out in the kitchen. In the family room, the combination of walnut wood finish and Super White Quartzite in the fireplace adds a touch of elegance to that space. Bold abstract art, geometric wallpaper, and sconces highlight the artwork, while an oversized chandelier and neutral patterned rug provide consistency and balance. Comfort and cosiness were prioritized, including details such as drapery type and colour. The aim was to create a relaxing environment for quality time with loved ones.


Tan brought to life her client's vision of an open home office space to accommodate two people. Custom T-shaped desks with white oak tops and open shelves were designed for functionality. Careful consideration was given to the colour palette, with wallpapers in Nakita Bone from the Orbital of Khrôma collection on three walls and Orbit Flax on the fourth to create a warm, cosy, and tranquil ambience.

White cabinetry, textured wallpapers, brass lighting fixtures, and black and gold interior door hardware added depth to the space.

Primary bedroom

In the primary bedroom suite, natural materials and neutral tones were used to create a peaceful atmosphere. The king-sized bed has premium bedding and plush pillows, surrounded by tasteful furnishings and artwork to complement the space. The centrepiece is a stunning 19th century Rococo iron and crystal chandelier above the bed, adding a touch of glamour. Mirrors above the nightstands enhance the room's elegance, and pendant lights provide consistency in luxury. Carefully chosen wallpaper envelops the entire bedroom, creating a relaxed and cohesive vibe.

Powder room

Tan aimed to create a powder room design to emulate the bold elegance of a boutique hotel. She focused on luxury and functionality, redesigning the layout to accommodate a larger, classic modern floating vanity with a natural stone countertop and elongated Gerber toilet. Careful consideration was given to every design aspect, including stunning natural stone and wallpaper options for the walls and ceiling, brass gold hardware, mirrors, and faucet that complemented the overall esthetic. The classic yet modern vanity includes a lower open shelf for extra storage. Attention to detail is evident in the Victorian-style mirror and the addition of a crystal lighting fixture to enhance the luxurious atmosphere.

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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