Storage solutions for every room in your house


Kid’s room

"With this built-in, I was trying to create not just storage but also a small reading nook and open shelves for the little girls to display their favourite crafts, books and decor – to make it truly personal. The bottom doors were designed to allow the hiding of storage items and to maintain a neat and tidy look."

– Designer Diana Rose, Diana Rose Design.



“Extend your typical closet area and add a nook to incorporate visual interest and functional storage. Here, I created a space for keys, extra out-of-sight seasonal items and larger drawers for hats, scarves and mittens. Think vertical for more storage with hooks for hats and jackets and decorative baskets for extra storage for items used daily.”

– Designer Lisa Kooistra, Lisa Kooistra Designs


Living room

“When faced with a room that has limited built-in storage space, I always try to find opportunities with clever furniture that will double as storage. In this living room, I strategically selected this stylish geometric coffee table that lifts up to store extra throws, games, books and kids’ toys, without cluttering up this living space.” – Designer Amanda Shields, Amanda Shields Design



“Storage is always something we need more of, so finding clever ways to include it without affecting the design is always a challenge. I love adding drawers underneath a bed, as a bed takes up so much real estate in the bedroom, it’s a practical idea to take advantage of the wasted space below it.”

– Designer Jo Alcorn, Jo Alcorn Home



“When it came to the design of this modern bathroom, I wanted to keep the look minimalistic but with storage options. The flat panel cabinetry with no handles helps to keep the space looking uncluttered while the open, functional shelving was designed for everyday folded or rolled towels.”

– Designer Trisha Isabey, Isabey Interiors



“I was able to incorporate a stylish storage option into this home office by flanking the large front window with built-in bookshelves. The side niche with a small higher window also presented a great opportunity for a built-in desk, with cabinets below the window to house office supplies and a printer.”

– Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Brown Inc



“Tall cabinets in a kitchen create the illusion of higher ceilings, so we implemented them to accentuate the existing nine-ft. ceilings in the home, making them appear much larger. Additionally, tall cabinets act as bulk storage for household items used occasionally, such as seasonal cookware and fine china pieces. Finally, we added glass inserts in the tall cabinets to double as a display for the decorative pieces – making it a practical design feature.”

– Designers Jamelya Francis and Michelle Bellissimo, Francis + Bell Design Studio

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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