A Scandinavian-inspired upgrade of a builder-grade main floor


Shima Radfar and the team at RZ Interiors embarked on a transformative journey for its latest design project. Armed with clear instructions from the client to elevate their basic builder-grade home into a design esthetic that was neutral, Scandinavian-inspired and light, the team quickly got to work. “Those three words played a pivotal role in guiding the overall design concept, with of course, a focus on pairing materials that would create a beautiful and harmonious space,” says Radfar.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, clean and uncluttered surfaces were achieved through sleek, simple shaker cabinets with minimalistic hardware. A colour palette of white and grey paired with oak created a calm atmosphere, while optimal storage solutions, such as deep drawers and built-in organizers, reduced visible clutter. The integration of a bold porcelain countertop with a wood veneer table created an easy transition between the kitchen and breakfast area, forming a visually striking sculptural element. “The lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures, considered the jewels of the house, were intentionally chosen in black,” says Radfar. “This deliberate contrast between the white cabinetry and the oak wood accents added depth and visual interest to the design.”

The living room

To continue the minimalist esthetic, Radfar transformed a long entertainment area into a functional and intentional space. The focal point is the strategically positioned fireplace, acting as a central divider between the guitar lounge and the TV lounge. This thoughtful placement allowed for functionality, while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. Originally intended by the builder as a dining room, Radfar reimagined the space as a lounge area to align with the minimalist concept. “To achieve that look, the millwork design was carefully planned,” explains Radfar. “Hidden cabinetry was integrated below the TV, providing discreet storage solutions. Additionally, seamless cabinetry served as a bar in the TV lounge, blending with the surrounding design elements.”

A key aspect of this approach was the consistent material transition. A cohesive look was ensured by maintaining a constant material flow from one side of the space to the other, enhancing the overall esthetic and creating a balanced visual experience.

The powder room

The design team envisioned a powder room positioned between the main entry and the entertainment area that integrated with the overall look, while making a bold statement when the door is left slightly open. To accomplish this, they opted for a sleek vessel sink and timeless fixtures that were placed against a striking and trendy backdrop. “This combination breathes life into the space, infusing it with elegance and visual allure,” says Radfar.

Desired results

By balancing minimalism and functionality, a purposeful layout was achieved by prioritizing quality over quantity in furniture selection, incorporating concealed storage solutions, and embracing a minimalist material palette. These strategies ensured a functional and efficient space that embraced the homeowners’ design wishes while maintaining a level of practicality.

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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