Create a tiny guest house

tiny home guest bedroom

Looking to create a tiny home to host guests? Jo Alcorn shares five ways she created an inspiring petite pad.

tiny home guest bedroom

At only 10 ft. by 10 ft., this tiny home needed to stand out! “I started the design of this home by painting the exterior with Graphic Charcoal N500-6 from BEHR, and accented the windows and trim with a warm white. I love the contrast,” says Alcorn. The two paint tones, plus the addition of having a natural finish on a portion of the exterior, add interesting focal points to the overall look.

guest bedroom

Of course, no guest quarters are complete without a comfortable bed. So, Alcorn added two comfy mattresses from Endy, which means sweet dreams for your guests. “I value shopping local whenever I can. In this tiny space, I added two mattresses that are proudly made in Canada. They have the optimal balance of comfort and support,” she explains.

Boho style sitting nook

Budgets are always top-of-mind when designing a new space, and things can add up quickly. Alcorn created a beautiful, neutral and boho-inspired space for this tiny home using affordable decor, furniture and accessories from Walmart. “The value and pricing were truly amazing. From sturdy bunk beds and patio furniture to rugs, gorgeous artwork and decor, lighting and bedding, I was able to finish this entire space on budget,” says Alcorn.

White walls and wood finish ceiling and floor

Since it is such a small space, Alcorn opted for classic white walls. “Keeping it white and light can really make a space look larger than it is,” she says. For the floor and ceiling, Alcorn added a natural wood finish, giving the space an organic feel.

touchscreen deadbolt and lock by Schlage

To complete the exterior and keep guests safe and secure, Alcorn added a touchscreen deadbolt and lock by Schlage to the door in a modern matte black finish. Who says that locks can’t be cool? “This system is one of the most advanced keyless door technologies I’ve ever encountered, and it’s simple to install. This tiny home is just so gorgeous, I wanted to ensure it’s always secure,” says Alcorn.

Hot tip

When working with such a small space, think vertical. I added lovely bunk beds to maximize space. I also created little vignettes around the room to give the look of a much larger area.

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