Eight reasons why this kitchen is a stunning success


Designer Shima Radfar of RZ Interiors shares eight reasons why this kitchen renovation is a stunning success.

  1. The countertop, backsplash, hood and island are wrapped in the same luxurious stone, anchoring the kitchen and making a bold statement.
  2. A neutral colour palette was used to create a timeless look. The addition of black fixtures and brass hardware add contrast and just the right amount of shine to the space.
  3. Intentional light fixture selections act as a source of illumination and also as decorative statement pieces. Various sources of light were used, from direct to ambient lighting including cove lighting in the ceiling, integrated lighting in the cabinetry, pendants and more.
  4. A wood-clad appliance wall adds warmth and dimension to the kitchen.
  5. Spacious cabinetry was designed to house large appliances and keep things streamlined. A mix of open shelving was also incorporated to create an airy feel and to showcase interesting items such as potted plants and vases.
  6. Dark-toned glass display cabinets were added to break up the wood cabinetry and showcase a stunning wine collection.
  7. A large sink and two faucets were chosen to facilitate large gatherings in the home. The matte black faucets with gold detailing perfectly echo the accent colours.
  8. Ceiling details were designed to create a division between zones such as the kitchen and breakfast area and add an interesting architectural feature.

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Sara Duck

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