A harmonious feng shui kitchen design


IIn the world of interior design, the creation of a genuinely extraordinary space relies on the effortless fusion of aesthetics and practicality. The kitchen, which is the heart of any home, holds a special place, often embracing the multiple roles of entertaining, culinary excellence, and refined living. In this latest kitchen project from Sansa Interiors, designer Jude Kamal and her team drew inspiration from nature and its elements to create a luxuriously organic space.

Harmonious design

Feng shui philosophy played a key role in achieving harmony within the kitchen. The cooktop and hood were positioned to create a balanced energy flow. The holistic approach is evident in the selection of materials, which represent the five elements of feng shui – earth, wood, fire, water and metal. The natural stone represents earth; wood cabinets and white and onyx cabinets with a wood core for wood; the Pitt Cooking unit embodies fire; the sink and faucet for water; and the hardware, fixtures and appliance handles for the metal element.


Inspired by nature

“The driving force behind this innovative kitchen was to create something unique and compelling,” explains Kamal. Inspiration came from the shapes and colours found in nature to infuse the space with an organic elegance. The central focal point, the island, captures the essence of a polished and luxurious block of stone. “The island’s design was no small feat, requiring meticulous attention to detail in curving the edges to perfection,” says Kamal.

The exquisite piece provides a gathering point and an entertainment hub equipped with Zip Water for instant hot water, sparkling water, and cold filtered drinking water.

Luxurious material palette

The primary materials that contribute to this kitchen’s luxe look are natural stone, a combination of Nuit Violette granite for the island and Calacatta Monet marble for counters and backsplashes. This unexpected pairing of stone varieties defies convention, delivering a breathtaking “wow” factor that proves a bold palette can be unique and inviting.


The island’s design was no small feat, requiring meticulous attention to detail in curving the edges to perfection.

Cooking + entertaining

“The kitchen design meticulously caters to both cooking enthusiasts and those who revel in hosting guests,” says Kamal. PITT gas burners integrated into the countertop enable multi-tasking when cooking, providing ample space for pots and pans and easy maintenance. The strategic positioning of the freezer and fridge side-by-side, concealed for a minimalist look, offers substantial storage for food and sauces, an ideal setup for preparing for large gatherings.

The dishwasher, garbage and recycling stations are cleverly situated between the sink and cooktop, facilitating efficient meal preparation, disposal and clean-up. This well-planned layout keeps the kitchen’s workflow seamless.

A gourmand’s delight

The outcome is a kitchen that elevates the ordinary, intertwining nature, luxury and functionality to create a culinary space that is truly unique.

Design by Sansa Interiors Inc.

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