A beautiful bedroom makeover


Inspired by the clients’ desire for a hotel-style look in their secondary residence, designer Eugenia Triandos, principal designer for Hibou Design & Co., crafted a palette of layered neutral tones and warm textures, setting the stage for a genuine urban retreat. We share Triandos’ insights into her thoughtful choices and innovative solutions that shaped this modern bedroom oasis.

Calming colours

The choice of the colour palette evolved from the client’s vision to emulate a hotel-like experience. Because the space served as a secondary residence for brief stays, Triandos opted for layered neutral tones and warm textures. The subdued hues created a serene ambience to set the stage for a genuine escape from urban life.

Tailored modern elegance

To navigate the challenges of builder-grade quality construction, Triandos focused on incorporating bespoke elements to elevate simplicity to sophistication. Venetian plaster now adorn the walls, custom built-ins add refinement, and carefully selected pendant lighting impart a contemporary, upscale feel. The balance between modern aesthetics and tranquility is maintained throughout.

Seamless storage integration

A closet with double doors was a potential design distraction, so the decision was made to completely conceal one door. The custom white oak panelling along the headboard wall serves the dual purpose of disguising the closet doors with concealed hardware and creating a seamless joint. The result is a storage solution that harmonizes smoothly with the modern aesthetic.

Balancing act

Respecting the desire for a modern design while creating a calm, restful environment was a key consideration in this bedroom transformation. Warm materials such as wood, woven textures and natural linens infuse liveability and warmth into the contemporary space. The careful selection of fabrics in bedding, window coverings and wall finishes add depth to the decor, ensuring the room remains welcoming despite its clean lines and neutral palette.

Innovative solutions

This project certainly had some unique challenges, such as concrete ceilings and unalterable structures. One savvy design solution included pendant lighting descending from bulkheads that strategically addressed the ceiling height limitations. Although the interior partitions remained largely untouched, closing the doorway to the closet was a game-changer. The custom wall panelling is an eye-catching backdrop for the headboard wall, which adds warmth and depth to the otherwise modern interior.


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