Your decor studio: Is it time to review your documentation processes?

by Yasmine Goodwin
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Documentation is a critical component in design studio operations and builder decor management. Having strong operational standards in place helps to set customer expectations, reduce objections, and minimize disruptions across the buyer’s journey. To maximize sales, you need to have a clear idea of what type of documentation is necessary in builder decor sales management. Here are some tips to prepare proper documentation in your design studio operations to ensure that you will make successful and uncomplicated sales.

Document 1: Welcome letter for homebuyers

This document works to set expectations for residential pre-construction decor sales. A welcome letter document can set expectations for yourself and for your homebuyers so that they are aware of your policies upfront.

These can include the following:

  • How to pay for their options
  • How much can they amend
  • Payment methods (credit or cheque). If you are allowing cheques as a payment method, be sure to give purchasers a reminder to bring their cheques with them
  • Are post-dated cheques allowed?
  • How many appointments should they expect?
  • What are they expected to complete at the end of each meeting?
  • What changes are not allowed once finishes have been selected?

This saves time when making a sale and sets the tone for how things work before the first appointment. Make sure this document outlines expectations so that it minimizes confusion and increases the homebuyer’s confidence.

Document 2: Featured options catalogue

A featured options catalogue will help greatly with a residential pre-construction decor or finishes program management, as it will give you the ability to manage the features offered for each individual project. This document should be combined with your welcome letter, as it will give your homebuyers an overview of their options ahead of their visit. Clearly outlining what’s available and making this document as user-friendly as possible is an important step in this process. Some ways to edit your included features list include:

  • Organizing it into buyer-friendly categories that group together related items
  • Provide inspirational photos to get your homebuyers excited about the decor sales process
  • Showcase the trusted brands you’re partnering with
  • Make it clear what features are included and what are optional selections

By using these two examples, you can ensure that you are managing your design studio to maximize sales.

Know how well your current system is working

There is always room to improve in your internal processes. Documents are a part of a system of verbal, written and digital communication. Your procedure has the power to change how you and your buyer approach a sale and can completely shift the customer experience from average to great. A smooth process will ensure that your buyer has a positive experience. Some things to consider while reviewing your current system include:

  • Adding continued costs and pricing to as many items as possible
  • Adding up all the different documents that you have
  • Adding up all procedures and processes that your staff follow daily
  • Adding all homebuyer conversations and set expectations
  • Adding all the papers that your customers interact with

Having a deep understanding of these things will help improve your system and will provide a smoother and more satisfactory experience for your homebuyers and consultants alike.

Documentation shouldn’t be an overly complicated process. By following these tips, and by understanding how to simplify the process for your customers, you can ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

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Yasmine Goodwin is President of My Design Studio

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