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Our goal with our Builder Best Decor Studio Practices is to provide industry expertise to builders to have the information they need to be successful and profitable when setting up their decor studio.


Your decor studio – 3 ways to unleash its potential

Your decor studio holds an incredible potential on many levels to support your brand, uplift the customer journey and provide essential profits to your bottom line.

Homebuyers who have made the choice to purchase a brand-new home, are looking for value, personalization and choice.


Your decor studio is your greatest opportunity to promote the creation of a home that will match the lifestyle and personal preferences of your homeowners and the promise of your project’s marketing and sales program.

Your decor studio should become a core element of your sales, profitability, and an essential part of your entire marketing cycle.


Here are three specific ways that your decor studio can become one of your best business assets:

Increase new home sales

Getting homebuyers excited early in the buying process is an important aspect of the marketing and sales process. When you give homebuyers an opportunity to become emotionally connected to the options available to them, you establish an understanding of their needs and in turn their trust.

In our experience, when a homebuyer is unsure to move forward with their purchase decision, the decor studio serves as an additional experience that will support and guide them to reach their ultimate vision. Additionally, when it is time to choose their finishes, they will return to the decor studio, arriving prepared and empowered to make confident decisions.

Elevating the selections experience

The personalization of their new home provides an exceptional opportunity to create an inspiring decor studio program that matches their preferences and needs. Add a positive buying experience inside the studio, accompanied by the right amount of knowledge and guidance along with great customer service and you will have provided a wonderful and memorable experience to your customers who will thank you.

A strong design studio sales program will increase per-home revenue.

Increase your profits through curated choices

We have found the majority of builders have missed opportunities to increase their profitability using their decor studio and developing the right environment and program for the site.

Offering value, choice and personalization with a well-planned and managed decor sales program will inevitably add to your bottom line. We have experienced increases in sales by as much as 30 per cent or more per project year-over-year.

Stay tuned for our second installment of our Builder Best Decor Studio Practices series as we explore how to increase upgrade sales with your homeowners.

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