Your Decor Studio: How to efficiently manage custom upgrades

Choosing finishes

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Now that you’ve mastered controlled pre-drywall options, how do you go for more and close the sale?

An effective design consultant knows how to talk to the homebuyer by explaining why investing in the available options and choices for their home is worth their time and money. Homebuyers tend to become fixated on price above all else, presenting a significant challenge in builder decor sales targets. Here are some ways to efficiently manage custom upgrades with your homebuyers to help them break through the psychological barriers and overcome sticker shock.

Clearly lay out all of the options

Provide clear and direct information detailing the available options, which have been developed and priced for the specific model type. Your homebuyer needs to completely understand why they are making this decision now and what the benefits of doing so are. Your clients might not be willing to invest further because they don’t fully understand the advantage of doing so now. It is really all about presenting the value proposition of the options during the pre-drywall stage. Take the time to explain the benefits from the warranties that are available, as well as blending the cost into their purchase financing and, best of all, the home will be move-in ready.

Design vs Functionality

The more they know, the better

Keeping your clients well-informed is one of the best practices you can do to close the sale. Don’t let uncertainty be what’s holding your homebuyer back. Here are two types of uncertainty to look out for:

Uncertainty due to lack of clarity

Without clarity, your homebuyers will likely be unable to commit to the sale. In the business of decor sales management, it is crucial that everything is clear and simple to understand. Make sure to check in with your homebuyers frequently, asking them if they have any questions, and thoroughly go over any processes that might be a little complicated.

Uncertainty due to multiple options

Doubt can also result from your homebuyers feeling overwhelmed in the decor sales process. By providing a curated decor sales program that’s well thought out to meet the needs of the demographic, you are limiting how much choice homebuyers must consider in the first place, eliminating some of the guess work. Guide them through this process by offering your expertise on value-add selections that will suit their needs. You don’t want your homebuyers to feel fearful that they are making the wrong choice.


Make the homebuyer understand the financial meaning of their investment

You have successfully created desire for the options and have given measured reasons as to why these choices should be accepted during the pre-drywall stage. By identifying the benefits, your homebuyer will move from unsure to a confident “yes!”

Managing custom upgrades is not an insurmountable task. By following these steps, you can make the perfect sale that will leave you and your homebuyers happy and satisfied with their decisions.

Choosing finishes

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