Thoughtful design blends luxury and elegance into a warm and inviting home


Within this sprawling 6,000-sq.-ft. home, the design strategy focused on instilling an ambience of luxury and elegance, while also maintaining an inviting and warm atmosphere throughout. Every detail, from the opulent finishes to the cosy furnishings, was meticulously curated to strike the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort.

Every room was created with functionality to reign key, layering on the many aspects of design to infuse personality and character. Statement finishes such as art and lighting added texture, colour and visual interest. From modern minimalism to the timeless elegance of transitional design, each space reflected thoughtful planning and a creative vision to inject warmth and conversation.

First impressions

When you enter the home, the rotunda foyer sets the tone for a great first impression. A statement glass chandelier and beautiful sight lines into the adjacent spaces showcase a blend of sophisticated charm. On one side is the living room/den and on the other, French doors open into the study to reveal luxurious brass finishes and soft ivory tones. The corridor stretches down toward the kitchen. Together, all three sight lines set the stage for the palette of the home.

Luxurious touches in every space

Offering a glimpse into the design strategy’s commitment to excellence, each room was created to possess its own unique and distinctive characteristics, able to make a bold statement on its own. This is spectacularly demonstrated in the great room, a space designed to evoke architectural intrigue with a unique focal point that complements the grandeur of the soaring 20-ft. ceilings. A floor-to-ceiling stone feature, a linear fireplace for a contemporary touch, and bespoke wood panels illuminated by 26 individual lights, combine to transform the wall into a radiant showcase of craftsmanship and elegance, enhancing the room’s ambience. Completing the space, 20-ft.-long drapery panels were added for a luxurious touch and to soften the area. On the opposite side, a bold evening blue wall with intricate trim detail adds warmth and depth, serving as a backdrop to the art and ample seating for cozy gatherings.

The living room/den was designed to embody livable luxury, demonstrated by the beautiful stone-wrapped mantel, commanding attention as the focal point of the room. From the thoughtfully chosen wallpaper to the bespoke furnishings and pastel-coloured fabrics, every element was carefully curated. The furniture was selected for form and function and to create a welcoming space.

Kitchen considerations... and more

With the home builder providing the kitchen layout, the cabinetry and countertops were essentially selected beforehand.

This prompted us to approach the kitchen design from a different perspective, shifting our focus to selecting finishes that would add depth and character to further elevate the overall aesthetic. To layer on dimension, a marble backsplash, custom window treatments, and luxurious antique gold faucets were introduced. Each element was meticulously chosen to complement the existing features and enhance the overall look.

Metal accents played a pivotal role in tying the design together, with pewter pendant lighting and brass cabinetry hardware. This thoughtful combination created a harmonious balance of tones and textures, resulting in a space that matched the level of luxury and practicality seen in the rest of the home.

An opportunity to expand the kitchen space allowed us to add a butler’s pantry as the perfect complement to the main cooking area. With crafted custom cabinetry and brass railings to contrast nicely with the marble-toned backsplash, the addition enhanced the overall functionality of the kitchen. And finally, in a wall niche in the dining room, we created a custom-made floor-to-ceiling wine display to showcase the homeowner’s impressive wine collection against a backdrop of sleek stone. This striking feature serves as a practical storage solution for the vintage collection, while adding a touch of drama and sophistication to the space.

Let there be lighting

Lighting played an integral part in the design of this home, and it truly had the power to transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary sanctuaries. A perfect example is the spectacular fixture that hangs down from the ceiling and is formed from fiberglass balls, each meticulously arranged to replicate the effect of raindrops, stretching an impressive 12 ft. long. A work of art on its own.

Sunita Lymburner
Sunita Lymburner

Sunita Lymburner is the founder and principal designer at Sara Leah Interiors, a firm specializing in developing beautifully tailored design solutions while blending artistry and functionality. Serving Toronto and the GTA. @saraleahinteriors

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