Introducing the JWC8500 series of energy-efficient windows from Jeld-Wen

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It’s no secret that our world is changing.

With each passing season, we’re seeing more and more changes to our already unique and demanding Canadian climate. This increasingly extreme weather means that we’re all facing new challenges in terms of keeping our homes comfortable, protected and affordable.

Introducing JELD-WEN’s JWC8500 series windows

This ground-breaking new offering is designed specifically for life in Canada, both present and future. It’s been meticulously engineered to exceed all existing and upcoming standards, which are changing rapidly to match our climate. More than that, the JWC8500 series window, which is available in vinyl, or in an aluminum-clad hybrid, is unique in its ability to blend this powerful performance with steadfast durability and eye-catching style.

JELD-WEN has done this intentionally to bring you as many benefits as possible.

Up to 22 per cent increase in energy efficiency

All JELD-WEN JWC8500 series windows are 2030-rated. They meet Canada’s U-Factor 0.14 (U.S./I-P) / 0.82 (Metric/SI) or ER 44 building code targets to exceed performance in all regions of Canada. This makes compliance easy, and it also means lower energy bills and more comfortable spaces, regardless of how extreme the temperature may be.

Tough and long-lasting

Premium materials that are built to stand the test of time—that’s what goes into every JWC8500 series window. Only the very best vinyl is used, and the hybrid option features a rugged aluminum cladding for increased durability. The windows require minimal maintenance and are constructed specifically to withstand anything our temperamental Canadian climate can hurl its way.

26 per cent less frame

Each JWC8500 series window is made with a sleek, low-profile design. This means more glass area, for increased natural light and broader views. Plus, it’s all done without compromising any structural integrity or strength.


The benefits of JELD-WEN’s True Tri-Pane Technology™ are well documented, but we’re always happy to offer up a reminder. It consists of three panes of glass, two ½-inch (13 mm) Argon-filled air spaces, and a 1-3/8-inch (35 mm) thick insulated glass unit, and it outperforms standard 1-inch (25 mm) Tri-Pane windows by 30 per cent in terms of insulation. The result? Reduced energy costs, year-round comfort, minimal interior condensation during winter, and added security.

Low-E glass

Choose from a range of Low-E glass options that provide additional insulation to your windows and can absorb or reflect UV rays to help keep your furniture, floors and walls from fading, plus will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.

Premium finishield™ laminate colour

Available on JWC8500 series hybrid windows, this truly impressive finish delivers enduring colour uniformity. It resists fading as well as scratches, dents, dings and peeling. Select from an exquisite selection of colours that suit your style. They’ll look good today, tomorrow and into the future.

Window styles

Whatever your personal taste, there’s a JWC8500 series window for you! Choose between casement, awning, fixed, radius/geometric, bow and bay styles.


Operational JWC8500 series windows feature subtle, simple hardware. This includes a sleek nesting handle and multi-point lock for vinyl and hybrid windows, while interior glazed windows feature a hardware cover for easier serviceability.

It’s safe to say that JELD-WEN’s JWC8500 series window is a game-changer. It’s at the very forefront of innovation, ushering in a new era of efficiency, as well as plenty of lasting value for Canadians just like you.

Experience the benefits for yourself: