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By Masha Koyen

Home renovations are messy business. But is there a way to make it less messy? Sign us up! According to Mark Pigat, Ontario East district manager of United Rentals, installing a storage container is the best way to keep your renovation site organized and safe.

Here are four reasons why you need a storage container to overcome your messy home renovation woes.

Protect expensive building materials

Limited space often means building materials are stored outside. “Containers allow you to protect your supplies/building products from the environment,” says Mark.

However, your own belongings also need protection from dirt and debris stirred up during the reno. There’s just no getting around the mess. Having a rental container on site allows you to not just store expensive building materials, but also conveniently and affordably store your furniture.

Improved security

With trades coming and going from your home all day, it’s easy for a stranger to take advantage of unlocked doors. However, Mark points out you can lock the storage container during downtime for added security.

Contractors do everything in their power to protect your home during the reno process, but it takes just one stranger to wait for the right moment to enter your home and help themselves. They might have their eyes on the contractor’s equipment, but they can also grab costly and priceless materials and belongings laying around your home.

Storage containers lock up good and tight, making it harder for thieves to rob you — even when your home is busier than Toronto’s Union Station after a Leaf’s game.

More space for a safer work environment

The more stuff you clear from your home, the more space there is for safe work. This makes it easier to complete work effectively, improving efficiencies and helping to keep renovations on time and on budget.

Moving things into the halls or up against walls creates an unsafe workspace. Storage containers clear the space, ensuring there is room for materials, equipment and safe pathways for workers to get around the site.

Who doesn’t love an organized work site!

Having a designated, secure spot to store materials as they are delivered keeps the site organized. This means the contractor always knows where to find materials when they need them. It also provides an accessible area to receive deliveries at a congested, busy work site.

“They [containers] help keep products clean, organized, protected and all in one place, not scattered around the jobsite,” says Mark.

During renovations, you’re sure to realize having additional storage is a good idea. United Rentals has a large selection of containers ideal for your reno storage. Just make sure you schedule delivery well in advance. “Containers are always in high demand,” say Mark. “Best to reserve one at least 45 to 60 days prior to the start of the project.”

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Masha Koyen is the founder of Content Vertical, copywriting and content strategy for the design-build industry.

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A Renovation Journey. Join us for a continuing series as we bring a relatively untouched, tired-looking 1960's builder's-box bungalow into the 21st century. ready-set-reno.ca

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