Why should I hire a registered Interior Designer?

by Reno + Decor

Interior Designers' rates vary based on a number of factors. Estimating costs for projects is a challenge because it depends on the project undertaken, as well as the qualifications and experience of the professional. In addition, your project may require other consultants at various levels, in which case you could be paying different rates for different components.

At the beginning of a project, it can seem like an Interior Designer is an unnecessary expense that doesn't add any value. However, a registered Interior Designer can actually save your client money, due to their experience and expertise.

A registered Interior Designer can manage your entire project, saving the headaches that often accompany renovations and construction. They can apply for building permits, ensuring your paperwork is approved quickly, and construction can begin promptly. If a project hits a snag (as they often do), an Interior Designer can work with trades and other consultants to address the issue, adjust the design if need be and ensure it doesn't delay the project more than necessary.

There are various ways Interior Designers bill a project. It is important to ask if your project will be billed hourly, based on a total project cost, on a price per-square-foot, or if costs will be determined by some other method. A registered Interior Designer will provide a quote and a clear explanation of costs as part of a contract with a client.

Clients should be comfortable with and fully understand the information that has been outlined in the contract prior to signing. Having a lawyer review it in advance may be necessary.

A registered Interior Designer should not begin work without a contract or conceal or obfuscate their fees. Members who fail to comply with ARIDO's Standards of Practice may be subject to discipline and or/fines.

Then the question becomes, "What will it cost you if you don't work with a registered Interior Designer?" You may be surprised at the answer.

Find a registered Interior Designer in your neighbourhood at arido.ca