Architects and Interior Designers – the symbiotic relationship

outline of a building in black and white

Typically, the design process of a home or condominium is that the architect designs the structure, and then the Interior Designer is brought in to address the interior design features.

In theory, the architect’s sole responsibility is for the design of the building and drawings so that it can be constructed. The Interior Designer is responsible for the function, safety and beauty of the interior space. Over the last 20-plus years working in the new home industry, my experience has been exactly this. We are typically called in when the plans have been designed and created, and often on to marketing/sales – meaning, when it is too late to make any changes.

More often than not, we have found there are missed opportunities to improve the plans. The core direction of the architect is different than that of the Interior Designer’s mandate. As the interior design team plans out the space based on usage and functional requirements, implementing slight revisions and modifications to the building design could vastly improve the end user experience, and often assist in reducing construction costs.

Both roles of the architect and Interior Designer are inherently intertwined with each other, and when this symbiotic relationship can collaborate earlier in the design process, the better the end result will be.

We have had the pleasure of working with various builders and developers that understand the importance of this interconnectivity of architecture and interior design. Engaging the interior design team in the early programming stages of a new project design, has made such a huge impact on the finished product. The interior design team can design the interior space, lay out furniture and equipment and hopefully mitigate any issues encountered early in the design process, rather than later when it is typically more difficult and more costly.

By engaging as many of the key players as possible, at the onset of a new project, to form a mastermind of ideas and collaboration, will only benefit the end results.

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