All fired up – The advantages of a zero-clearance fireplace

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Do you want to incorporate a fireplace into your home? A zero-clearance fireplace may be what your space needs. We asked the experts at Regency Fireplace Products to explain the advantages of this type of fireplace

A fireplace can set the tone in a room and provide a beautiful focal point in which to relax and unwind in a cosy atmosphere. It provides instant ambience. Is a fireplace on your wish list this year? One type of fireplace you should consider is a zero-clearance design. The convenience, customization, and flexibility offered by a zero-clearance fireplace are unparallel for many reasons. One of the most significant advantages is that it is a premanufactured metal firebox that is entirely self-contained and insulated, which keeps the outside of the fireplace from getting too hot, protecting the materials surrounding the unit. That means it doesn’t need to be located a distance from combustible materials. But wait, there is more. Consider these four benefits of this type of fireplace.


Since a zero-clearance fireplace has greater framing and finishing flexibility, it can be designed to match your room, instead of your room matching the fireplace. In addition, a zero-clearance gas fireplace does not require a chimney or hearth because it utilizes direct-vent technology. The fireplace can simply be vented through an outside wall or roof. This flexibility, combined with a large variety of size options, allows you to add the warmth of a fireplace to a bedroom, living room, den, basement, second storey — just about anywhere in your home.

Finishing materials

Zero-clearance fireplaces allow you to use virtually any finishing material, including wood, wallpaper, and marble, to turn it into the focal point of any room. With zero-clearance fireplaces you can also hang TVs and artwork directly above the fireplace without fear of damage.


In addition to the variety of finishing materials available, you will also have many choices in customizing the look of the actual fireplace itself. Multiple options for faceplates, interior panels, and log sets are just a few choices you can make in creating the perfect fireplace look for your home.


Zero-clearance fireplaces have much higher efficiency ratings than traditional open masonry models. Because the system is direct vented, it uses outside air for combustion, keeping the warm air in your home. With old masonry fireplaces, much of the heat produced is lost up the chimney. The completely sealed firebox of a zero-clearance gas fireplace prevents cold air from entering your home like it would with an open masonry fireplace so, even when the fireplace is not in use, it helps keep more heat into your home and lower heating bills.

If you’d like a zero-clearance fireplace in your home, visit your local Regency dealer. Because every installation is unique, working closely with your dealer can ensure you find the right size unit for your home, while also getting the look you desire. In addition, they will carefully check the location where the fireplace will be installed to ensure all specifications can be met and that venting can be run safely and correctly.

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