The 3rd edition of KBC EXPO and StoneTech Canada 2023 came to an end with outstanding outcomes.

KBC EXPO and StoneTech Canada 2023

With a 27% increase in the number of attendees and a 23% increase in the number of exhibitors.

We are thrilled to present the post-event report for the Kitchen+Bath Canada Expo and StoneTech Canada Expo 2023, which took place from October 25 to 27. This year's exhibition was a resounding success, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the kitchen, bath, and stone industries.

"We are content with our ability to cater to the expanding Kitchen+Bath+Stone industry through our distinctive trade platform. Our commitment is unwavering as we aim to expand the show in Canada and introduce fresh features and offerings" - Nasser Deeb, Show Director, KBC Expo and STC Expo.

"I found like-minded people, old customers, and some new ones. There are new suppliers with products not very well-known in the market. New technologies are emerging that many of us haven't heard about. For example, the scanner for stones, allowing you to shape slabs to fit any design." - Sherry Zarei, Event Attendee.

The event witnessed a substantial increase in visitor attendance, with a 27% rise compared to the previous year, demonstrating a growing interest in these industries. "There's much to explore, including stone, related tools, and machinery. I've truly enjoyed the event, and with half a day left tomorrow, I'm already planning to be here next year, representing Dimpomar from Portugal." - Nuno Fonseca, Business Developer, Dimpomar - Portugal Pavilion.

The expo featured an impressive roster of exhibitors, both local and international, representing over 6 countries, enriching the event's quality, and fostering global networking and business opportunities. The countries included the United States, Italy, China, Germany, Portugal, Qatar and other nations contributed to the international appeal of the event. The global perspective brought in fresh ideas and inspired innovation within the industry.

"What we do notice is that we find quality customers over here. It's not about quantity but connecting with the right people. That keeps us motivated and coming back." - Aatif Markar, Laser Template.

A significant highlight of the show was a major business deal that occurred, resulting in a partnership between a Canadian kitchen, bath, and stone supplier and an international manufacturer, underscoring the expo's role in fostering business collaborations.

"Since this show started three years ago, the first year I purchased five machines from different machine fabricators, and every year I come here, I seem to acquire one or two more machines. It's getting bigger." - Frank Bruno, Attendee/Conference Speaker.

Our sponsors, including Flexijet, GranQuartz, and Hiltop Surfaces, along with support from associations like NKBA, CKCA, TTMAC, and DDA, played a crucial role in the expo's success. "We're really delighted to be a sponsor of the show. I've seen it grow every year since Covid was tough for us. So, we're happy to see everything coming back together. Meeting new vendors, meeting new customers, seeing our customers' growth, and having them return to our booth. It's always beneficial to attend the show. If you haven't been here before, you better come." - Steven Moran, Flexijet North America, Silver Sponsor.

Looking ahead, we are excited about next year's edition, which will be hosted in a larger venue to accommodate the increasing interest. This expansion will provide more space for an even more vibrant and dynamic experience.

"Great vendors, both Canadian-based and overseas, are present. It's nice to see familiar vendors and new ones I'd love to source from soon. Everyone's friendly, with events, discussions, and panels beneficial for career development and education in finishes. There are stone manufacturers and cabinetry finishes for kitchens and baths—definitely a great event to attend." - Alyaa Yassin, Luli Interiors.

In summary, the Kitchen+Bath Canada Expo and StoneTech Canada Expo 2023 were a remarkable success. We eagerly anticipate your continued support as we prepare for an even more exciting and successful event in 2024.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your contribution to the success of this year's expo. Together, we will continue to shape the future of the kitchen, bath, and stone industries.

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