Open-concept, smart kitchen storage solutions


As a designer, it’s my job to make a client’s renovation dreams a reality and, of course, add a designer’s touch of je ne sais quoi. For my latest transformation, I worked hand-in-hand with my clients to bring their kitchen and dining room vision to life. They loved the home they were in but realized for their family of five (three teenagers and two pets), the kitchen and dining space needed a fresh, open-concept floorplan with the latest modern conveniences. My clients also wanted a bright and inspiring space that would foster cooking, baking and entertaining. Here is how I achieved the look.

Going with the flow

There was no doubt that walls had to come down to create an open concept living area for the main floor. I removed the walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen to create a harmonious flow between spaces. Echoing my client’s desire for openness, I bid farewell to their traditional breakfast table, opting for integrated island seating to easily transition from dining to culinary areas.

Facilitating form and function

My design ethos is always to embrace both functionality and aesthetics. In other words, smart storage solutions are key in any design project. From an appliance garage and magic corner (a pesky corner was utilized with a clever design to give more storage) to a conveniently concealed charging drawer, every element was carefully crafted to enhance efficiency without compromising on style. To visually connect the areas on the main floor, I created two unique features. First, a glass display cabinet with neatly staged glasses and bottles of wine and second, a coffee station with a pull-out cutting board and pocket door so my clients could embrace their inner barista.

Luxe look

I knew my clients wanted a light and bright look in the kitchen, so I kept the colour palette neutral with white lacquer and slim shaker cabinets accented with white oak cabinets and floors. A clean and streamlined look was essential, so I integrated the appliances with custom panels, which helped the space look larger. Brass accents, from inlays to hardware, punctuate the design with a luxe look and make the stone features really come to life. Since my clients love cooking and baking, I chose quartz for the cooking and prep areas. At the same time, natural marble (coated with a durable skin overlay) was used on the island backsplash and archway above the range.

Illuminating details

When it came to lighting, navigating the asymmetrical layout and diverse ceiling heights posed a challenge in crafting the perfect solution. To enhance the contemporary ambience and create an illusion of spaciousness, I removed all crown mouldings from the main floor to make the ceiling feel taller. I installed sleek canister lights above the island and sink for optimal task lighting, and to infuse elegance into the space, a stunning contemporary pendant with brass and marble detailing graces the eating area, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Casual and chic

My goal was to elevate the dining room into a casual and inviting place for daily gatherings. I optimized storage with a built-in bench featuring drawers and two full-height fluted cabinets. A dynamic round table facilitates movement around the room, and a sculptural black rattan pendant hangs overhead, completing the chic dining experience.

In this project, every detail was crucial to crafting a dream space for my clients, ensuring enduring style and functionality for years to come.


Before diving into the renovation process, consult with a professional to assess the feasibility of opening your space. A designer will help you come up with the best options to create that open-concept interior

Jessica Cinnamon
Jessica Cinnamon

Jessica Cinnamon is the principal designer and founder of Toronto-based Jessica Cinnamon Design Inc., a multi-disciplinary design company that creates stylish and well-curated interiors, and provides complete bespoke residential design services in Toronto, the GTA, cottage country, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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