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The current advancements in modern tech have many homeowners feeling like The Jetson’s TV series has come to life. We have robotic vacuums, thermostats you control with your phone, doorbells with camera/video and Alexa to answer any question you can think of. As life gains momentum post-pandemic, we want efficiency when we get home so we can streamline our lives in order to accomplish all the things we love to do, right?

Smart kitchen, smart space

In tune with the times, it’s no surprise to learn that most kitchen appliances now have an app or touchscreen. These and other innovations make it easier for you to do the things you need to do in the kitchen while saving you time. And who wouldn’t love to save time in the kitchen? One of the stand-out smart appliances that dropped this year is the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator from Canadian Appliance Source.

This smart fridge with Alexa built-in lets you control your compatible smart devices, stream music, mirror content and much more all from one central place — the touchscreen on your fridge. Enjoy streaming your favourite music apps, watching your favourite shows from your compatible Samsung smart TV or Galaxy phone, and accessing all your favourite sites like Facebook and YouTube, all from your Family Hub. But wait, there’s more.

The right connections

Stay connected with your family by sharing pictures, videos or drawings, leave handwritten notes, and sync calendars. At the office or the gym and can’t remember what’s in the fridge? No worries. You can see inside your fridge from anywhere, search recipes based on the food you have left, and plan weekly meals. All that and more is possible with Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator. Now that’s innovative design. George and Janet Jetson would be so proud.

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