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Did you know that bidets have been around for hundreds of years? They were first introduced in the early 1600s in France. Over the years, bidets have grown increasingly popular in many countries. And, today, many homeowners are swayed by the benefits that bidets possess. Are you thinking of making a bathroom upgrade? Consider these two elements.

Eco-friendly factor

Approximately 27,000 trees worth of paper are flushed down the toilet every day, and the average person consumes about 20,000 sheets – or 100 rolls – of toilet paper every year. Moreover, the manufacturing process consumes approximately 140 litres of water per roll of toilet paper produced. In addition to that, many people in North America also rely on wet wipes. Toilet paper and wet wipes can not only end up in landfills and waterways, but can also cause severe damage to sewage systems. So, is it any wonder that scientists are alarmed by the product’s impact on the environment? It's estimated that bidet toilets can reduce a household’s toilet paper consumption by approximately 75 per cent or more.

Health benefits

Additionally, there are numerous health benefits to using bidets instead of toilet paper. Bidets reduce irritation and the spread of germs, and can even make your bathroom more accessible to people who have difficulty using traditional toilet paper. They're also much more effective than toilet paper at cleaning in general.

Another reason bidets are not exceedingly popular in North America is that not all homes have adequate space in their washrooms for a separate bidet system.

Modern solution

One company trying to address all of these concerns is Ecoway, by introducing Green technology in its toilets and toilet seats – including electric toilets with a built-in bidet system.

Ecoway combines eco-friendly technology with luxe designs and affordable pricing that you won’t find anywhere else. The company’s bidet toilets are made using an innovative manufacturing process that makes it possible for more homeowners to experience the luxury of a bidet, while also considering the environment.

Whether you're remodeling your master bath or are simply looking for a way to update your entire home with eco-friendly fixtures that instantly transform your bathrooms, Ecoway has something for everyone.

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