American Standard launches new Touchless Diaphragm Flush Valve for commercial applications

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American Standard has introduced new Ultima Selectronic Touchless Diaphragm Flush Valves, commercial valves designed to reduce maintenance and downtime as well as to save water. Ultima Valves combine reliability and superior performance with a clean, streamlined design. Ultima Selectronic Touchless Diaphragm Flush Valves are equipped with advanced technology that includes a programmable Selectronic infrared sensor for reliable hands-free operation and optional Selectronic remote control.

  • The adjustable sanitary flush valve can be adjusted to periodically flush the fixture.
  • Detection range can be adjusted without having to disassemble the valve.
  • Stadium flush reduces water usage by automatically switching to water savings mode.
  • The adjustable detection and flush delay can be adjusted to customize the valve operation.
  • Ultima flush valves are easy to retrofit in place of most popular piston and diaphragm flush valves.

The valve offers two power options – a five-year battery or hardwired AC. With Multi-AC, a single power supply can run 15 faucets and/or flush valves at one time. The valve’s manual override button enables it to operate with dead batteries or during a power failure.

Other features of the flush valve include the clog-resistant DynaClean wiper spring, the common-sense solution to the frequent problem of valve run-on caused by clogging. The integral spring’s exclusive self-cleaning technology cleans the refill orifice with every flush to keep it clear of debris and mineral build-up. The premium, chemical-resistant EvoLast diaphragm is made of a premium chlorine-resistant material that delivers consistent performance and resists premature deterioration and failure.

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