Spring forecast – Update your home’s decor with spring’s freshest colours

yellow living room

Get inspired with spring’s refreshing colour palette. Our expert designers show you how to incorporate this season’s freshest hues into your home

Pink Bedroom


“As we lead ourselves into brighter days, it’s time for our homes to do the same. Blush pink can add the perfect pop of colour, all while bringing a gentle warmth to a space. In this bedroom, we included several blush tones with pillows, artwork and bedside accessories.”

–Trisha Isabey, Isabey Interiors

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yellow living room


“Yellow brings a welcoming warmth and friendly light vibe to interiors. I brought in the golden yellow velvet sofa as an energetic focal point for the room that perfectly complements all the orangey reds, pinks and salmon hues used throughout.”

– Amanda Shields, Amanda Shields Interiors

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White Dining room


“Decorating with white is a great way to freshen up your space for spring. Simple steps such as painting your walls white, updating your decor pillows and even white centrepieces are all great ways to make your space feel airy and breathable. And lastly, pairing white with colour will bring vibrancy into any space.”

– Designer Brenda Danso, Brenda Danso Interior Design

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Green bathroom vanity


“When pertaining to greens, especially moss and olive greens, it is a colour that is calming and comfortingly fresh, yet brings subtle elegance to any interior space.”

– Patti Wilson, Patti Wilson Design

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Blue Kitchen


When using light blues, I always tend to gravitate toward ones that are grey, or taupe-based. This way, the faint blue feels sophisticated and subtle instead of juvenile. A richer base can go a long way when you are moving toward the lighter end of the paint deck.

– Designer Kate Lester, Kate Lester Interior

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