Introduce pastel colours into your space



“This serene bathroom seamlessly blends pale blue hues against crisp white tones, creating a soothing and elegant atmosphere flooded with natural light and custom, yet timeless touches.”

– Designer Dvira Ovadia, Dvira Interiors


Dining space

“I enjoy incorporating pastel colours into home design because it brings a playful warmth and timeless ambience to any space. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to introduce colour without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.”

– Designer Jo Alcorn, Alcorn Home Design



“Pastel green evokes the feeling of natural elements such as fresh herbs, leaves and vegetables. Infusing nature-inspired colours into the kitchen enhances the overall atmosphere, creating a more organic and inviting ambience.”

– Kristen Gear, lead design and colour specialist, BeautiTone paint and home products


Laundry room

“If you are looking for a calming, versatile wall colour, a soft shade of pink presents a great option. While pink is often associated with femininity, the colour is more versatile than you think and works in a variety of spaces, from modern to traditional. It pairs just as well with neutrals as with a host of saturated colour tones.”

– Designer Kate Davidson, Kate+Co Design



“Soft, pastel colours in your bedroom’s decor can evoke a tranquil atmosphere, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm for a restful night’s sleep.”

– Designer Bren Petrunick, Simply White Interiors


Kids’ space

“A kids’ playroom is the perfect opportunity to opt for a cheerful palette of pastel colours, such as soft pink, mint green, and baby blue, which create a visually inviting and soothing atmosphere.”

– Designer Michelle Berwick, Michelle Berwick Design

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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