Inspiring home products and decor trends for the fall


Plush and comfortable with a durable and luxuriously soft fabric, the Union four-seat sectional is the perfect sofa for your family room. Did we mention it comes delivered to your door in convenient compact boxes and has an easy tool-free setup? It’s win-win!

Union four-seat sectional in navy blue with walnut legs. $4,995.


Super-duper scrubber

The Dotti Super Scrubber is an all-in-one, antibacterial, odour-free dish and surface scrubber that’s dishwasher-safe. Made from food-grade silicone, the scrubber is long-lasting and eco-friendly. One Super Scrubber replaces six regular sponges, saving you time and money. Available in three colours: Black, blush and sage. $11.


Pure sips

Get ready for a hydration upgrade with the Brita Hub 12-cup water filtration device. Powered by Hamilton Beach, it filtres out more than 70 contaminants, including lead and chlorine. Say goodbye to the bad stuff and hello to healthier, great-tasting water for the whole fam. The best part? Set-up is a breeze – no tools required. Just plug it in, insert the new Brita hub filtre, and enjoy clean water in minutes. $180.


At-home barista with Breville

Indulge in the ultimate coffee experience at home with the new Barista Touch Impress espresso maker from Breville. This sleek and sophisticated machine combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, putting the art of crafting café-quality beverages right at your fingertips. Its intuitive touchscreen interface, customizable settings and automatic micro-foam milk frother (which is compatible with alternative milk choices such as oat and almond) will have you brewing velvety lattés, rich espressos and creamy cappuccinos like a pro. $2,199.

Falling for decor

Autumn decor embraces deep colours and rich textures to create a cosier atmosphere for those cooler temps.

  1. BLU framed hand-embellished giclee. $79.
  2. Fillmore mid-century chair. From $1,499.
  3. Harway buffet. $2,549.
  4. Bianca table lamp in red marble. $389.
  5. Hartman coffee table in walnut brown by Baxton Studios. $262.

Cosy up

Wrap yourself in the new muslin blanket by Endy. Crafted with 100 per cent cotton, this lightweight and breathable blanket will be your new go-to for cosying up and staying cool and comfortable all night long. Available in four shades. $175.


Into the blue

Agave is Le Creuset Canada’s latest hue, inspired by the serene strength of the Pacific Ocean and the jewel-toned agave azul plant. The Agave collection offers a range of kitchen essentials such as Dutch ovens, skillets and speciality cookware, while also gracing coffee and tea rituals with French presses, teapots and mugs.


Bathroom bliss

The experts at Moen offer five tips to effortlessly transform any bathroom

Maximize style and performance

When refreshing your bathroom, never compromise on style and performance. Seek out fixtures and accessories that look appealing and function exceptionally well.

Find cohesion with collections

Choosing a collection to update your bathroom rather than shopping for individual pieces is the easiest way to refresh the space quickly. It also saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent searching for individual items to form a cohesive look. This approach simplifies the decision-making process and ensures your bathroom upgrade is successful, even if you’re not a design expert.

Be brave with black

The colour black provides a bold, dramatic finish that can give any room new depth, heightening both classic and contemporary designs. When incorporated into your bathroom, black fixtures add an element of modern sophistication.

Create tech-savvy spaces

Smart-home products are all the rage. From home assistants to automated lighting, homes continue to get smarter, and it doesn’t stop in the bathroom. Embracing technology in the bathroom can enhance your daily routine in that often-used room.

Seek out comfort

Considering the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, it’s essential to prioritize your comfort, as well as family members and guests.

Adding special touches such as a bidet can elevate the space and ther overall experience.

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