How to create a home that reflects your authentic self


Did you know that “authentic” was declared the word of the year for 2023 by the Merriam-Webster dictionary? As we embrace 2024, the resonance and significance of this simple word will persist with continued influence.

Here at RENO+DECOR, we’re all about delivering real content that ignites your creativity to achieve an authentic home vibe. After all, decorating your space is more than just arranging furniture and choosing colour palettes; it’s about infusing what you love into every corner.

“Living authentically means living how you want to live by building a space that makes you feel good in your heart. That’s a true home,” says Tiffany Pratt, a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary designer and artist with an unmistakably authentic style.


To begin

To truly decorate with the authentic you in mind, the journey begins with a thoughtful exploration of your tastes, experiences, and the unique elements that define you.

Start by taking a trip down memory lane. Unearth artifacts from your past – travel souvenirs, inherited heirlooms, or mementoes from significant life events. These pieces carry stories. Integrating them into your decor is like creating a visual autobiography. The vintage postcard collection from your backpacking days or the quirky teapot handed down from a grandparent can be focal points for their aesthetic appeal and the memories they evoke.

The process

It’s the details that fuel authenticity. Custom-made throw pillows with fabrics that reflect your cultural background or a gallery wall of your own photography, can transform a generic space into a personalized haven. Or, embrace imperfections and quirks, whether it’s a well-worn bookshelf that tells tales of countless reads or a hand-crafted pottery collection showcasing the unique irregularities of each piece.

Colour is also a powerful tool to express your authentic self. Don’t shy away from bold hues if they reflect your personality. “Adding colours that make your heart happy is a great way to feel joyful and express who you are,” says Pratt. “The colours you choose become an expression of you at home.”

Let colour play a role in conveying your energy and passion, whether it’s an accent wall in your favourite shade or an array of vibrant throws. If you’re drawn to soothing neutrals, layer textures and materials to add depth and interest. The key is to create a colour palette that feels inherently you.

Furniture choices should be aesthetically pleasing, functional and adhere to your lifestyle. If you love hosting game nights, invest in a spacious dining table or a comfortable sectional. For avid readers, a cosy nook with a well-stocked bookshelf could become the heart of your home. Align your furniture with your daily rituals and activities, so your space is beautiful and purposeful.

When it comes to artwork, choose pieces that speak to your emotions, personal style and taste. It doesn’t have to be from a high-priced gallery; it can be your own creations, canvases from local artists, or even a tapestry collected during your travels.

Plants bring life and vitality to any space and choosing them based on your lifestyle is key. If you have a green thumb and the time to care for them, a variety of indoor plants can flourish. If you’re a bit more hands-off, opt for low-maintenance succulents or faux greenery that still adds a touch of nature without the commitment.

As you grow, travel and experience life, let your home’s interior grow with you. Embrace change, add new layers, and don’t be afraid to let go of items that no longer resonate with the person you are becoming.

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

With over 15 years' experience as a magazine editor, writer and content creator, Sara brings her passion for design and decor to our pages each issue. @bysaraduck

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