Five inspiring design movements for 2024


With many Canadians tightening their proverbial money belts this year, design trends are becoming less about actual purchases and more about inspiration. This year, there is an emphasis on sustainability, with repurposing gaining prominence, challenging the conventional notion of trend-driven consumption. This shift reflects a conscientious move toward enduring style, urging us to balance contemporary inspiration with making mindful choices that align with our tastes and values. “The key lies in finding that delicate balance between the allure of the latest trends and the enduring wisdom of timeless design principles,” says Diana Bastone, owner and principal designer of Diana Bastone Designs.

Here are five design movements to keep you inspired all year long.

Maximalist resurgence

After a period that saw the dominance of minimalist design, maximalism is making a comeback. Expect bold colours, eclectic patterns and a mix of textures, allowing for more expressive and personalized interiors. “This trend is not for everyone, as this look can feel cluttered to some. If you want to be part of this movement, try it in an enclosed space in your home,” says Bastone.

Velvet cushion cover. $23.


Sustainable sophistication

The future of design is conscientious and sustainable. This isn’t merely a trend; it’s a movement. From recycled materials (think thrift store finds and vintage shops) and energy-efficient lighting to furniture crafted with environmental mindfulness, sustainable chic is gaining momentum. Adorn your space with a clear conscience, knowing each element contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Mid-century mini-desk made from sustainably sourced, kiln-dried wood. $749.


Global fusion

“Global fusion decor is the appreciation of different cultures from all over the world and what they create,” says Bastone. In our increasingly interconnected world, globally inspired decor takes centre stage. Drawing inspiration from diverse societies worldwide, this design trend will likely continue making waves, as it celebrates diversity through a mix of textures, patterns and colours from various cultural influences.

Sicily ceramic pasta bowls in blue. From $29.


Tech-integrated living

Smart homes redefine themselves beyond mere functionality in 2024.

Witness the seamless integration of technology into your decor. Imagine smart furniture adapting to your needs, and augmented reality design tools shaping your space. Welcome to a future where technology and design are in perfect harmony.

The Frame turns into an art screen when you are not watching TV! The Frame 75-in 4K smart TV by Samsung. $2,298.


Biophilic oasis

Amidst the hum of the digital age, the pull of natural elements grows stronger. The biophilic design trend invites us to infuse our spaces with nature’s essence. Envision indoor greenery breathing life into your living room, natural textures creating a tactile haven, and sustainable materials grounding your space. “It’s not only the purchase of the plants, but it’s also the act of caring for living plant life that can enrich your mental state,” says Bastone. Beyond aesthetics, this design philosophy fosters an environment where the indoors melds easily with the outdoors, creating an oasis of tranquillity.

Large glass vase. $55.

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