A striking renovation bursting with colour and whimsy


In Level Studio’s latest downtown Toronto design venture, the primary focus was capturing the breathtaking views of the city’s skyline from every room. “We meticulously arranged furniture, curated materials, and crafted design elements to guide one’s gaze toward the windows,” says Luca Campacci, the lead interior designer at Level Studio. Colour, too, played a pivotal role in unifying this project creatively. “Each room embraced a distinct colour palette, serving as the foundational essence for the space and establishing a seamless gradient of colours throughout the entire home.” The outcome? A space brimming with personality, vibrant hues, and functional fun.

First impressions

A dramatic entry in the foyer creates a bold first impression and gives a glimpse of what to expect in the following rooms. “Alternating black and white marble floors installed on a diagonal give movement into the space and are paired with a textured wallpaper,” says Campacci. This design evokes a moody ambience, enhancing a sense of cohesion in an area without windows and establishing a more comfortable atmosphere. Original pieces by Canadian artist Jane Waterous hang on either side of the foyer hall, adding many colours that beautifully complement the wallpaper and extend throughout the entire home.

Small space idea

A niche in the foyer hall presented the perfect opportunity for something artistic. The unused space was turned into an illuminated wine display featuring a collection of bottles from Italy. “It became a unified gradient of colour, seamlessly blending into the main living space,” says Campacci.

Living room

To overcome the challenge of an ample living space, the room was divided into zones with separate sitting, dining and kitchen areas.

A herringbone oak floor adds a touch of sophistication, unifying the open space and serving as the stage for the breathtaking view of Toronto.

To achieve a cohesive design, furniture from Italy was carefully selected, focusing on uniqueness, functionality and low profiles that don’t compete with the spectacular view. A 10-foot media unit and tables are

placed strategically to ensure a clear view of the TV.


The kitchen, designed with white oak base cabinets and white upper cabinets, creates a cohesive look in this open-concept space. A large black marble island with beautiful veining, paired with white countertops and a hood, connects seamlessly with the marble floor in the living area.

Dining area

In the dining area, a vibrant print of Wayne Gretzky by Andy Warhol sets the colour scheme for the space. A large dining table with a walnut base and a dark grey slate top is paired with comfortable upholstered chairs, perfect for family gatherings.

Primary bedroom

The primary bedroom features a relaxed and calming colour palette with green, yellow and orange accents. An original piece by American artist Craig Alan, titled All You Need is (Green), is positioned above a porcelain desktop painted with the iconic Her Chair. This space creates a serene and relaxing retreat, complete with Italian-designed armchairs for lounging.

Ensuite bathroom

The ensuite is designed to feel luxurious, but with some fun artwork (yes, that is Batman pouring tea on a train car above the tub). Black and white marble is again used to continue the look throughout the house, with gold hardware and soft grey wallpaper completing the luxe vibe.


One of the bedrooms is now an office featuring lively pops of orange – including a Him Chair – and red against a dark, geometric wallpaper. “An original piece by Italian artist Marco Grassi is situated atop a peninsula desk that allows for panoramic views while working,” says Campacci. A series of framed black and white photos of musicians, beloved by their client, adorn a wall near the desk, and custom millwork was designed as an ideal backdrop for Zoom meetings, while providing ample storage. An iconic Eames lounge chair in white leather and walnut frame completes the space.

Kids’ room

Their client has two young boys who are at an age where they still prefer to sleep in the same room. “A monochromatic blue room was curated with subtle nods to dinosaurs and LEGO that pique the current interests of the boys,” says Campacci.


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