A modern home reno with a classic twist


In a recent project, designer Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs set out to create a stunning whole home transformation for clients who desired a departure from their previous, more traditional residence. Guided by a want for a more masculine, modern look, McKenney and her team embarked on a design journey to balance functionality and aesthetics in a smaller living space. “With 3,200 sq. ft. spread across three levels to work with, this called for space planning to accommodate four bedrooms with ensuites on the upper floor and a gym, guest room, bar and flex space/media room in the basement,” explains McKenney.

The project’s material and colour palette drew inspiration from the stately elegance of New York brownstones. “Warm, inviting shades, rich wood accents and brass and metal elements added a touch of grandeur and sophistication to the entire space,” she says.

Visual interest

One stand-out feature of this project is the rich walnut wood panelling in the main floor sitting area and living room. This striking addition provides a focal point when entering into the room, while at the same time, infuses warmth and character into the cosy sitting area. The juxtaposition of the wood panelling with the modern grid-patterned, paint-grade wall panelling brings another level of visual interest to the space.

Unified, yet distinct look

To ensure cohesion and flow between rooms while maintaining individuality, McKenney employed consistent base materials throughout the house, such as flooring, paint colours and mouldings. The selection of light fittings in various styles helped create distinction, while accent colours in adjoining rooms added diversity without compromising unity.

Luxe touches

Custom and bespoke designs were pivotal in shaping the home’s character. A customized gold metal sink, imported from California, graces the kitchen. At the same time, a custom-designed marble fireplace mantel and a dramatic wine collection showcase in the basement bar add distinct touches of luxury living.

The lighting strategy in this project was carefully curated to enhance the home’s ambience. Various fixtures, including large pendants, sculptural foyer lighting and functional pot lights, were crucial in creating a dramatic and comfortable atmosphere.

“Ultimately, our goal was to evoke a sense of comfort, luxury, and familiarity that would enable the homeowners to see their home as a space for growth and making cherished memories,” says McKenney.

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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