A modern condo renovation with heirloom touches


What do you get when you take a condo with sweeping views of the Toronto skyline and clients who want a modern look that honours their Chinese heritage? “A unique space that is as timeless as it is functional,” says Luca Campacci, designer and co-founder of Level Studio. Campacci and his team were inspired by their client’s antique Chinese furniture pieces passed down from their family. “They were great jumping-off points to pull colour from,” explains Campacci.

To start, Campacci used a light neutral palette in the main living area and primary bedroom for a calming feel that emphasized the view. From there, pops of pink and purple were drawn from the Chinese furniture pieces and incorporated throughout the home. “We pulled the deep merlot colour from the antique chairs and put it on the walls in the second bedroom and added a sofa bed for guests to maximize functionality,” says Campacci.

The third bedroom was turned into a home office with custom bookshelves to feature the client’s love of reading. A dark grey was used on the walls and shelves to make this room feel very cosy in the day and let the city sparkle at night. “Our client has a deep love of family and ancestry, so we curated a collection of family photos going back generations in the office opposite the marble base desk, making the perfect backdrop for video calls,” says Campacci.

When it came to the kitchen design, things got tricky. Campacci explains that his client requested an island as a must-have for more counter space, but it left little room for a dining table with a comfortable amount of circulation space. So, he and his team worked their design magic to build a new kitchen island to match the upgraded Italian kitchen with a countertop waterfall on three sides.

“We then designed a custom-made dining table in a unique shard-like shape extending on a diagonal to emphasize the room’s shape and butting upright against the island. The design allows everyone at the dining table the luxury of enjoying an amazing view of Toronto while also having ample circulation space around the kitchen and sliding balcony doors,” he says.

Through teamwork and collaboration with his clients, Campacci transformed the space into a contemporary home that reflects the needs and values of the homeowner, with family at the heart of it all.

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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