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Create an inviting mood in your garden with a patio set that will inspire guests to linger a little longer.

Style selections olefin fabric with fringes patio umbrella with tilt. $100.

In full Bloom

Dupray has launched an innovative air purifier affectionately called Bloom. Bloom can be used as a decorative planter or coffee table while discreetly and efficiently eliminating 99.97 per cent of airborne pollutants in your home, thanks to its intelligent medical-grade HEPA-13 air filtration technology. Genius, right? It’s perfect for large or small spaces and is available in 13 different colours to match your design style.


Trend alert: Sage

We love the current craze for sage! This sophisticated colour is making waves in the design world with its subtle elegance and natural appeal. Its soft, muted tone evokes a sense of serenity and harmony, making it perfect for creating a calming and inviting atmosphere in any space. Whether used as a wall colour, a statement piece in home decor, or an accent in fashion, sage is the hue to watch for a fresh and modern look.

1. Rialto coupe glasses in pale sage by Sir/Madame. $75 (set of two).
2. Aby Dravite green reversible sectional. $2,699.
3. Chef’s French oven in sage. $475.
4. Madrid big buckle leather slide sandals in green matcha. $180.
5. Organic cotton duvet cover in soft sage. From $120.
6. Paint in Friendly Green by Sico.
7. Novelo Tencel hand-loomed area rug in sage green. From $899.

Air quality

Are you renovating your home this summer? Roberta Mantenuto, CEO of Aria Vent, will have you reimagining how you incorporate air vents into the look of your home. Aria Vent invented the first modular air vent that can be used anywhere with any material. The bonus? It is made in Canada. But, of course, when it comes to a renovation, it’s all about the small details, and Mantenuto couldn’t agree more. “Aria began from the desire to challenge the status quo and make every detail beautiful. Today, this is the ethos of all our products,” she says.

The company was founded in 2016 after Mantenuto’s father (who worked in construction) saw a gap in the market for sleek and modern-style air vents; now, they work together as a father/daughter duo! With more than one million vents sold, they are on a mission to banish ugly vents for good. “Air vents always end up in the most visible places: Hallways, foyers, bathrooms and in front of big, beautiful windows. Ugly air vents are disruptive to the flow of design and the space. Elevating this little detail is the extra mile that ties the entire space together and completes your design.”

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Curb appeal


BeautiTone, the number-one Canadian-made and owned retail paint brand, recently unveiled its 2023 exterior colour of the year, Western White (WSC38-0). The calming neutral shade will give your exterior a timeless and contemporary look.


Inside out

Wall colour in White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore. In-floor heating by NuHeat. Windows by Clera Windows & Doors. Bohemia Hanna floor tile by Ciot. Pyra series cabinet hardware by Shayne Fox Hardware. Nube light fixtures by Luminaire Authentik. Bench seat cushion and throw cushion fabrication by MBM Home & Life. Arrow bench seat fabric by McLaurin & Piercy. Barker wall-mounted coat rack by CB2.

Kerr+Field Interiors takes the concept of a porch to the next level by transforming it into a versatile, enclosed mudroom. This innovative approach not only adds functionality, but also gives off a fun, relaxed vibe before you enter the home. “This porch-to-enclosed-mudroom conversion was driven by a desire to minimize clutter, but also created a welcoming feeling as you entered the house,” says designer Tamara Robbins Griffith of Kerr +Field Interiors.


Shallow-depth locker-style closets with hooks and cubbies were incorporated in the mudroom design to meet the clients’ storage needs and keep the hallway and living room clutter-free. These closets, made from big-box-store kitchen cabinetry, were elevated with locally made brass hardware for a touch of luxury. Additionally, a storage space was created underneath the mudroom, accessible from the driveway, perfect for keeping seasonal decorations, camping gear, and sports equipment.


The ceramic hex tile became the focal point of the design, inspiring the selection of fabrics, hardware, and the overall colour palette. To further enhance the design, a custom-made ceiling fixture was crafted that echoed the tile’s colours, with a navy-blue exterior and a rose-gold interior.


When it came time to design a bench for the mudroom, it had to be practical and pretty. “The bench is functional with a push-latch door underneath, which offers ample shoe storage while keeping the space organized,” says Robbins Griffith. The beautiful bench cushions add a touch of comfort and a pop of colour while serving as a cosy spot to sit and take off shoes or wait for an Uber. This thoughtful combination of style and functionality ensures the mudroom not only looks fabulous, but also performs flawlessly in meeting the everyday needs of the homeowners.

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Wicker redone

From seating to lighting and everything in between, modern wicker design is versatile, adding a boho vibe to your indoor or outdoor space.

  1. Calliope natural dining table. $989.
  2. Beatrix floor lamp with wicker shade in light bronze. $389.
  3. Handwoven wicker picnic basket and wine caddy. $197.
  4. Melrose Park wicker patio double egg love seat with almond cushions by StyleWell. $748.
  5. Woven wicker floor vases. From $238.
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