Designer tips for a cosy living room


“From the oversized cream sectional with faux-fur throws to the dark marble-clad fireplace and thick wool rug, the different textures we used in this living room soften the space and provide warmth without it looking busy.

– Designer Trish Varga, Knight Varga Interiors


“The burnt-orange armchairs really set the tone for this cosy living space. It was the perfect colour inspiration to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.”

– Designer Charlene Threatful, Lush Interiors


“In this living room, a soothing natural palette was combined with warm wood, natural brick accents and pops of contrasting colour to create a welcoming retreat. The earthy textures and soft tactile materials are perfect for daily family gatherings and infuse the space with comfort and organic charm.”

– Designer Raquel Millikin, Isabey Interiors


“This living room project achieves tailored comfort with earthy accents and abundant textured fabrics. The deep sofas and fireplace serve as the central features, adding warmth and charm to the space.”

– Designer Amanda Shields, Amanda Shields Interiors


“Bathed in natural light by day, this PURE Design living room transforms into a cosy haven at night, with warm materials and textures that evoke comfort. The wood floors and coffee table, along with cushions in varied colours and fabrics, invite relaxation and gathering by the fireplace.”

– Designer Ami Mckay, PURE Design

Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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