7 cosy living ideas

Neutral hues


"Just like you can bring in a cosy feeling with a hint of natural wood or greenery, candlelight is the most organic element in the lighting world." – Designer Louis Duncan-He

Wood elements

"It was important for my clients to have a cosy, inviting space to come home to every day. I wanted them to feel as though they escaped to a weekend cottage. Throughout the home, I introduced wood, to give the spaces that extra layer of warmth." – Designer Jessica Cinnamon, Jessica Cinnamon Design

Electric fireplace

"Electric fireplaces now offer tons of benefits, such as low maintenance and lower cost, yet provide the same level of comfort as other styles. Most electric fireplaces come with a vent that faces the front, so it does provide heat." – Designer Diana Rose, Diana Rose Design

Electric fire place
PHOTO: Mike Chajecki

Rich textiles

"I love using velvet fabric to elevate a space and set the mood. It's so tactile and soft, it helps create a welcoming, cosy atmosphere. It can be used on anything from seating to pillows." – Designer Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Brown Inc.

Luxe curtains

TIP! Choosing thick curtains in heavyweight, tightly woven fabric (or material) can provide a good barrier against the chilly outdoors.

Luxurious velvet CURTAIN in dark grey, 52-in by 86-in.
Luxurious velvet CURTAIN in dark grey, 52-in by 86-in. $45. simons.ca

Neutral hues

"Create a cosy living space with calm and subdued earth tones and inject hints of natural, organic textures such as wood and stone. Layered rugs are a simple and effective way to amp up the cosiness factor in your living room." – Designer Sascha Lafleur, West of Main

Neutral hues

Dark coloured accent wall

"We chose Benjamin Moore's Deep Royal 2061-10 for a bold accent in this otherwise light and airy living room. The deep blue wall provides a perfect cosy and contemporary backdrop for our client." – Designers Renée Frostick and Andi Wheelband, Two Birds Design

Cosy living
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