Products to make your laundry room beautifully functional



  1. Glass beverage dispenser by Home Trends. $23.
  2. Barreta terrazzo porcelain floor and wall tile in matte white by Modamo. $120 per case.
  3. Energy Star top load washer with agitator in navy steel by Samsung. $1,195.
  4. Recycled Ocean Bound hanger in yellow by (RE) X. $34.
  5. Extra heavy-duty wood clothes dryer by Natura. $97.
  6. Advantage steam iron with non-stick stainless steel in white and blue by Black + Decker. $33.
  7. Woven prayer hamper. $194. | 8. Wool dryer balls by Silk & Snow. $20.
  1. Detergent dispenser. $70.
  2. Halifax terrazzo tile. $108 per piece.
  3. Front-load washer in sapphire blue by GE with odour-block vent system with sanitization and built-in Wi-fi. $1,444.
  4. Smooth leather clothes hanger in sun yellow. $189.
  5. Vertical folding wooden clothes horse. $159.
  6. Focus X-cel iron by Rowenta. $135.
  7. Joseph Altuzarra moon and stars hamper. $224.
  8. Wool dryer ball set and laundry blend. $25.
Sara Duck
Sara Duck

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