The ultimate window trend roundup: 5 things that are hot right now

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By Masha Koyen

Homeowners undergoing a complete home remodel should never underestimate the influence of trends. According to Alyssa DeCola, window project manager representing DeCola Windows & Doors, vinyl windows are the go-to for low maintenance windows, but also offer a trendy window makeover inside and out. Alyssa shares the five hottest window trends you should consider for your home remodel project.

1.A focus on energy-efficient glass for sun-facing windows

In this case, it’s one of the “coolest” trends in windows. “Install more energy-efficient glass for certain sides of the house that have high sun exposure,” suggests Alyssa. New windows have low emissivity (low-E) glass, a transparent coating designed to reflect heat back to its source. For those sun-facing hot spots, the coating reflects the heat back outside in the summer yet keeps the heat inside in the winter. You keep your home temperature more consistent throughout the year, reducing wasted energy. And we all know eco-friendly homes are très chic!

2. Clean straight lines

According to Alyssa, today’s windows are all about clean, straight lines and profiles. “Window trends are continuing to focus more on contemporary designs,” she explains. Sleek and sexy, these modern designs get rid of the clunky-looking windows of the 90s and early 2000s, so it’s all view and natural light.

3. More visible glass

In hand with the contemporary look, more people are replacing sliders and double hung windows with casements, awnings, or fixed pictures. “With vinyl maintenance-free windows being the more sought-after product, consumers often look for those that offer more glass exposure with slim-frame profiles,” says Alyssa. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also a big draw for homeowners with views, whether it’s their urban backyard, a cottage lake, or a spectacular cityscape.

4. Simulated divided lites for traditional homes

If your home is more traditional, Alyssa suggests a colonial grille pattern. For architectural designs that require grilles, utilizing simulated divided lites will accentuate the home's design, more so than internal grilles. This option replaces internal grilles designed to simulate the look of true muntins. Muntins are the wood slats in authentic colonial or prairie-style windows that hold together the separate windowpanes. The simulated divided lites combine the best of both designs with muntins on a single windowpane. The simulated divided lites are affixed to the interior and exterior of the windows with a strong adhesive to create a very authentic look.

5. Black frames

Gorgeous black framed windows are hard to resist. If you love the idea of the black frames for curb appeal, but aren’t too keen on the black interior, you can order them with white interior frames. Although black windows are modern, they are timeless, giving your home an instant makeover that works for both contemporary and traditional homes.

These window trends are all about curb appeal, reducing energy waste and enhancing beautiful views from your new, maintenance-free vinyl windows.

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Photo credit: DeCola Windows & Doors | windows: Frank by Ostaco

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A Renovation Journey. Join us for a continuing series as we bring a relatively untouched, tired-looking 1960's builder's-box bungalow into the 21st century.

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