The transformative power of colour

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This issue really speaks to the creative in me. The first introduction to my love of colour was when I was about 12 years old and my mother gifted me $200 to redecorate my room. The colours I chose were a soft violet and emerald green. This experience was transformative. It ignited my passion for design and proved my ability to transform a space through colour. The feeling it generated in me formed the basis of my long creative career that is still going strong.

Colour is certainly a major player in this issue. We need it in our life to elevate our spaces and bring joy to our everyday home tasks. Colour is the easiest way to improve the feeling in a space and, in these pages, you’ll find no shortage of ways it can be utilized, from designer Luca Campacci’s use of bold tones in his client’s condo reno to this fall’s best moody greens.

Aging in place

My grandmother just turned 100 years old, making aging in place a topic that is very close to my heart. The beautiful yet practical renovation of a dark and small bungalow in Grimsby into a bright, open space, really sparked my attention. Turn to page 52 and see what a skilled professional reno can accomplish.

Spanish elixir

Finally, on a deeply personal note, I want to share some inspiration behind my beautiful wedding that recently took place in Mexico. We hosted a Spanish-style barbecue for our friends before our wedding that was held on the beach, filled with colourful Mexican blankets, brightly coloured floral arrangements, and of course, sugar skulls! With this exciting event so fresh in my mind, I offer up some of my top decor pieces inspired by this Spanish palette to bring some uplifting decor into your home.

Amanda’s colour inspiration

Amanda Aerin
Amanda Aerin
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