Fall: luxe bathroom renos, cosy fabrics and moody colours

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I lived in British Columbia for 15 years. I never realized how much I missed the breathtaking Ontario fall colour changes until I moved back to Toronto permanently in 2018. Yes, B.C. is gifted in so many ways; that’s not up for debate. Its mountains and clear air are certainly paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Living in Ontario, I covet the warm summer months and the fact that we enjoy patio time as if it’s a sport. But as summer evenings start to cool and leaves begin to turn, fall is the season that gives me pause. She is a familiar friend, wrapping me in flannel blankets and calming me with pumpkin pie and cinnamon scents. When fall arrives, I officially welcome the season with a change in fashion, donning layers, cable knits and booties. My personal fashion transcends into my home’s interior as well. Part of being a creative designer is using any excuse to change things up at home.

I enjoy a nice Saturday morning sipping coffee and artfully arranging my coffee table books, and for this season, I will highlight darker moody covers while my light summery books will take a backseat until spring. I will store my delicate florals and replace them with large branches arranged nicely in a worn ceramic planter. My accent pillows are the easiest to update. I change the covers to darker hues, soft velvets and faux fur textures. The process is relaxing for me, and I enjoy that my family appreciates these seasonal changes, like living in an ever-changing theatre set.

This fall, we have a lot to tempt you with, including a helpful article on financing your home renovation so that you are free to implement many of the inspiring ideas we have in this issue.

For most of my clients, luxury bathrooms are at the top of their wish list, especially for the cooler months, when bubble baths and relaxing steam showers can warm their chilled bones.

The number two most wanted item on the wish list for fall is a fireplace. There are so many amazing options out there. We have included an article by designer Amanda Shields on the various types available, so you can compare and decide what works best for your home.

And finally, because I want you to share in my love of the inspiring fall colours and textures, we have included some popular trends for the season that are easy to incorporate into your home, even if this is not your year to renovate. And so, we have a little something for everyone!

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Amanda Aerin
Amanda Aerin
Amanda Aerin is an edgy designer and a nationally recognized expert in home construction, project management, design and lifestyle trends. Amanda can be seen on the Marilyn Denis Show on CTV, heard on radio and shared on social media outlets.
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