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For more than 25 years, designers and decorators across Canada have had an extra boost when it comes to connecting with suppliers and clients, improving and upgrading their skills, and growing their businesses. The Decorator and Designers Association of Canada (DDA) has and continues to foster the growth of our industry by connecting people across the country and elevating the decorating and design industry through member education, events, training and community building. With members from coast to coast, DDA provides a large professional network that supports designers and decorators throughout their career.

A DDA Canada membership provides a rich, rewarding experience. Whether you’re still in school studying decorating, design or currently working in the industry, membership can provide the professional development, support and connections you need to grow your business and succeed. Accredited members have access to a range of member benefits, including: Savings on business software services, a Member Referral Program, discounted magazine offers, and perhaps one of the most significant to DDA members, an insurance package offered at competitive rates.

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Recognition and promotion

A number of opportunities exist for members to promote their business, and members are encouraged to compete in the annual DDA Canada decorating and design competition, which recognizes decor and design excellence in a variety of categories. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase their designs and promote their skills and talents as a decorator and designer.

For businesses that provide products and/or services to the decor and design industry, an Affiliate membership provides an opportunity to connect with the decorators and designers in the organization through a local chapter, specific province or across the country. This connection can be through an educational event, a trade program, hosting a networking event in their showroom or direct mailing to members.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many associations and organizations, DDA Canada was able to quickly adapt to an online environment and has continued to provide professional support to our members with numerous educational and networking opportunities. The number of virtual educational events hosted by DDA Canada or the Affiliate members has greatly increased, making it easy for members to earn their required CEUs.


Greater connectivity

DDA Canada is planning the addition of more chapters across Canada to facilitate greater connectivity among Accredited and Affiliate members in those areas, as well as increased professional development, networking and educational opportunities for our members. As an organization, DDA Canada is also analyzing its operational processes and practices to ensure it is facilitating the development of a diverse membership that is representative of the communities in which they live and work.

DDA Canada continues to be dedicated to helping its members. The association gives members’ businesses an advantage in the highly competitive design industry, because a DDA Canada membership is the easiest way to connect with suppliers and peers and grow your business.

living room design
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