Work Hard, Play Hard, Coronavirus Edition – how do you spend your downtime?

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Over the years, we’ve asked readers to share the stories of what they like to do when they put down their tools. In July/August 2013 and again in August/September 2017 we compiled those stories under the headline, “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

The tales in those two issues ranged from a family of contractors surviving a harrowing plane crash in the remote B.C. backcountry, who jury rigged the plane’s damage propeller and flew themselves back out, and epic motorcycle tours, to a reader who spends time at a local community centre to help new Canadians practice their English.

We’d planned to revisit the topic this year, then Coronavirus arrived and, for the time being, shut down both work and play. But we’re cautiously optimistic that restrictions on outings will start to ease and, once again, we’ll be able to partake in our favourite activities – albeit, likely in modified forms.

So, for the 2020 Work Hard, Play Hard – Coronavirus Edition, please tell us about your favourite pastimes and activities, and how they have or will be impacted by trying to maintain social distance and protect the health of the most vulnerable.

Whether its epic tales of survival, pushing your body to its limits in extreme sporting events, or maybe just using the downtime to finally tackle those projects around the house that got neglected because you were too busy working on other people’s homes, we’d love to hear from you.

Plus, we’ll work with our sponsors to put together prizes for the best entries.

Email your stories to managing editor Allan Britnell .