Presence, optimism & joy: home decor with fashion flair

by Salina Yara Halabi
mint living room with pink couch

The world of fashion and interior design have always influenced one another. Whether it’s trends off the runway, or a style aesthetic that’s gaining popularity on social platforms, we often see themes and colour palettes seamlessly transition from the fashion industry over to home interior finishings and decor. 2022 is no exception. After two years of global-wide disruptions, the need to break free from feelings of gloom and escape a stagnant lifestyle have reached a peak. The result? An appetite for adventure and an optimistic outlook for brighter days ahead. If you’ve recently picked up a fashion magazine, or scrolled through Instagram, you’ll see fashion that not only demands attention, but also inspires. Now, it’s time to bring that sentiment into our personal spaces. Enter maximalism.

At its root, maximalism is a reaction against minimalism (think: more is more!). It’s a call for vibrant colour on walls and furniture, décor with eclectic patterns, and details that have an underlying ode to the places we miss or have been longing to visit. It’s a welcomed design shift that’s focused on establishing presence and encouraging personal expression. And, ultimately, it helps ensure that the environments we spend the most time within are igniting our imagination and providing a sense of joy. Because, after all, home should always be our happiest escape.