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When an average college student majoring in design is asked about a single word to describe the practice and a sum of things learned as a result, the most common reply is creativity. As a complex mixture of strategic thinking, mental analysis, and the visual imagination, this challenging branch of science that involves artistic skills with a cultural background requires a course program that meets the high demands of a learner. While the best design schools is a relative term, depending on personal goals, there are five entries that will satisfy even the most demanding students regardless of their skills.


Top 5 design courses for college students

If you plan to learn graphic design, nothing beats joining one of the online courses from top world universities. An answer is Coursera, which cooperates with the likes of Stanford, Harvard or Oxford among others. The best part about it is studying from the comfort of your home right when it fits you. While it may sound hard to believe, Coursera offers the best and industry-recognized credentials. A good recommendation would be joining California’s Institute of Arts, which has a course for beginners. It is one of the best graphic design schools where instruction includes video lessons and personal tutoring. If graphic design is absolutely new to you, check out the University of Colorado’s design program , which has an explanation course that teaches you to think like a professional designer.

Option number two is joining the Udemy online graphic design course, which provides expert instruction with lifetime access to the entire curriculum content. If you are into illustration work, find out more about CC Masterclass by Martin Perhiniak . Perhiniak always does his best to help students understand what kind of a tool to choose and how to single out the best methods as done by the world’s best designers. Get enrolled to learn how to master the logo creation, typography, sketches or gain the skills of interactive web design, mobile applications, and anything where a great work style is in demand.

Third place goes is Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, which offers numerous competitive programs for various design branches that cover Art Direction, Digital Marketing Design, Digital Design, Creative Design, Video Games Design, and Fashion Design Art. What makes it different from the other graphic design colleges in the country is a curriculum that also teaches how to get the message across or let your art be known to the world. As the business side and creative skills usually do not mix, the professors work hard to show how design translates to words. While it comes along with essay writing work, there is no need to panic because EduBirdie does homework for you , so you can focus on creative endeavours and look for inspiration as there is more free time for everything. Regardless of an assignment, professional help online includes assistance with topic ideas, proofreading, help with sources finding, and even a detailed plagiarism check.

Number four is Absolute Cross, which offers a free graphic design tutorials course. A platform where the world’s leading designers teach offers over 100 graphic design courses online. Here you can learn more about the visual representation of graphic objects, application of design principles, and evaluation design systems. While most commercial courses focus on specific examples and existing templates, the Absolute Cross website implements the best graphic design programs, so there is no limitation to what software a university professor may use.

The last design course entry is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While joining MIT is barely possible without excellent skills, their graphic design course online offers regular lectures, demanding projects, video lessons, and unique software solutions that work in a remote lab. The course also includes UX design education , so a degree earned by joining this program means that a person has learned how to approach the most common design problems and understand customer challenges from the end user’s perspective.

Inspiration is the key


Remember that even design professionals with years of experience behind their shoulders get stuck at times as they run out of ideas or cannot cope with a complex task. It is natural to feel this way as the demanding design work is filled with stress, anxiety, and constant brain work. When you feel like there is too much on your plate, take a walk in the park, travel, listen to music or read a good book. If nothing helps, consider free writing technique to rest your mind as you are about to create a mastrepiece.


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