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DDA Fabric - rich fabrics for texture

As we approach cooler temperatures and shorter days, room updates help us transition into the next season. When planning an update, there are some key elements that should be incorporated into every room. While each adds to the overall look and feel of a space by providing texture, form, life and elegance, the result is a room that is beautiful, balanced and just begging for you to rest, relax and spend some time.

So, what are the key elements you need in your spaces?


Every space should have something “living” in it. Plants are a versatile decor element that adds vitality and energy to your rooms. The wide variety available will ensure your space has shape, texture, pattern and colour. Remember, the judicious and selective use of plants will keep your spaces appearing open, calm and harmonious.

DDA Botanicals - Plants in the home


Incorporating wood into the design and decor of a room adds instant warmth and texture. Whether it is wood floors, one or more pieces of wood furniture or wood decor accessories, the material brings a sense of earthiness to a space. The versatility of wood makes it an attractive element too as it is equally at home in any decor style.

DDA Wood - Incorporating wood in design


Every room needs some sparkle to keep it lively. This can be through the inclusion of glass light fixtures, metallic accessories or mirrors which are perfect as they reflect and bounce light around your space. Just a couple of standout pieces are all that are required to add vitality and movement to your rooms.

DDA Sparkle - Glass and light fixtures, metallic accessories


Regardless of the colour palette in your rooms, add a touch of black elegance and sophistication. As a neutral, black works well with every colour and your room does not need much – just a touch to add drama and weight. Incorporate black through the addition of a side chair, an occasional table, window frames, an accent wall, picture frames or a couple of throw pillows.

DDA Black accents


Most rooms in your home have hard, square surfaces – floors, walls, ceiling and furnishings. To offset and soften these surfaces and shapes, incorporate rich fabrics for texture, softness and depth.

When considering updates to your home, remember to include each of these elements. The result will be spaces that are elegant, layered with texture and just a touch of glamour to keep things rich and comfortable.

DDA Fabric - rich fabrics for texture
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