Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Hardwood living room


Wood floors provide a timeless look which makes them highly sought-after floor surfaces. Wood is a natural material that changes the appearance of every room. Many homeowners experience challenges when they are choosing the right patterns for their wooden floors.

A few simple tricks can help transform your wooden floor. Attractive wooden floors will impress everyone who visits your house. You may want to consult with experts before you make your final decision on patterns. These flooring ideas will transform your living room.

Choose the best type of hardwood

Your toughest decision can be choosing the right type of hardwood flooring for your living room. You can get professional advice from Zelta Floor and Design to make your material choosing journey easier. A simple online search for Flooring Contractor in Toronto Zelta will show you the firm’s commitment. They aim to source high-level flooring materials that will transform your floor.

Your choice of wood can be engineered wood which is made by gluing several layers of wood. The final product is a thick plank about 14mm thick. Another choice is solid wood which is a single piece of wood, each about 20mm thick.

Other options are reclaimed wood which is wood flooring removed from another property. You may also choose parquet flooring, which is made using short pieces of hardwood to give your living room a classic pattern.

Use waterproof wood

Although the living room is not prone to water, there can be cases of fluid spilling often. It can be juice, tea, soda, or water. Many customers lately prefer waterproof wood. This is a type of engineered hardwood that is coated with a waterproof finish.

Once installed, you no longer worry about your wooden floor getting destroyed by water that settles underneath. During cleaning, moisture can settle between the gaps and condense. Hardwood flooring with waterproof finishes in your living room repels water giving you the confidence of a long-lasting floor.

Choose shades that complement each other

The most challenging part can be when choosing the right hardwood colour shades for your living room. When you visit your flooring material supplier, you will notice that hardwood always features different shades. You can choose a darker shade for the middle of your living room and use lighter shades for the sides. If you don’t want to get confused, print a copy of the complementary colour palette and use it to help you get the closest shades. The most trending colours are rich and dark, classic warmth, light, and rustic.

Choose the trending hardwood flooring patterns for the living room

Hardwood floors have different patterns but the most common is the random type. This is like a vintage pattern that has been in use for several centuries. Recently, people have become more innovative and are choosing the more modern hardwood flooring patterns. The old random plank pattern is still a favorite for many homeowners. However, most of them choose other patterns like diagonal, chevron, herringbone, or parquet.

Mix hardwood with tiles

One of the hardwood flooring trends for the living room is to mix hardwood with tiles. There are different styles you choose but you must consider the colours you want to mix. Since tiles are easier to clean and are water-resistant, you can have them in the middle of the living room while wood goes to the rest parts. Ensure that you use tiles to the minimum while wood occupies more space. If you choose tiles with a wood-like look, you will add beauty to your hardwood.

Brighter colours might work better

Traditionally, more people opt for dark hardwoods. The colours look well-toned, which gives the floor a classic look. If you use bright-coloured furniture, it adds light to the dark flooring tone. Dark colours are still popular but there is a trend where people are looking for brighter colours.

Some of the choices are gray-coloured hardwood, white-washed, blond-coloured, honey-toned, and copper-toned. The brighter tones are more common with the younger homeowners compared to the darker tones. The colour tone choice is matched with the right wall colours, hangings, furniture, and ceiling colour.


Your living room floor should look fresh and classic daily. Your choice of flooring material should be right to ensure it lasts for decades. Hardwood flooring material gives your floor a timeless beauty. There are different ideas you can opt for when choosing hardwood flooring for the living room. Choose the right type of hardwood that you will love. You may opt to use waterproof hardwood or go for the most impressive patterns. Choose complementing shades to make the hardwood pieces match.