Four ridiculously simple ways to refresh your home for the summer

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By Masha Koyen

It doesn’t take much to bring the warmth of the season into your home. It just takes a little creativity to refresh, regardless of your budget. Here are four ways you can bring a little spring cheer into your space.

1 Get organized

You’d be amazed what a little organizing can do to refresh a home. This is the time of year when spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. With a good cleaning, comes a good opportunity to find a place for all of your miscellaneous items. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Customize your closets with built-in storage shelves and drawers or visit your local IKEA to find affordable armoires or shelving units that can give you that built-in look.
  • Go basket crazy and use them with shelves to organize everything from toys to reading materials in the living room; pantry items in the kitchen; personal care products in the bathroom; and fashion accessories in the bedroom.
  • Think hooks to organize spring jackets, knapsacks, sports gear, accessories, and more.

The trick is to find ways to keep everything contained or hung out of the way, so you have a refreshed mind and less clutter.

2 Paint, paint and paint

Of course, it isn’t realistic to paint your house to suit every season — but seriously, how fun would that be!

However, you can definitely use paint to bring a feeling of spaciousness and light into your home.

Colour inspiration can be found from any element in the room. If colour makes you nervous, go for the new neutrals in pale shades of blue or gray.

For the more colour curious, choose sunnier hues like buttery yellows or warm terracotta.

If colour doesn’t scare you, you can go all out with colours such as lavender, blush and orange, which are making a big comeback. Colours such as rich ochre work well, or you can embrace the Scandinavian look with hints of grayish green or blues combined with complementary whites. Just don’t forget your trim!

“Want a change but not ready to repaint a whole room? Refresh any space by painting an accent wall, a favourite designer trick to introduce colour into neutral spaces,” says Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert. “Not only is it an easy weekend project, it refreshes a room and gives any space personality and flair.”

3 New furnishings or accessories

If budget allows, consider new furnishings with bright or neutral colours. You can doll them up with spring-inspired accessories such as drapes, area rugs and throw cushions. If new furniture isn’t in the cards, smaller, simple accessories do wonders to transform a room into something fresh and new.

4 Tackle those windows

Old, damaged windows cost a fortune in energy waste and can make your home feel dull and dreary. Spring is the perfect time of year to invest in new windows. This will yield an excellent ROI and improve energy efficiency.

Updating windows doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. “Whether you are building a new home, renovating your home, or simply replacing a single window or door,” says DeCola Windows & Doors. “We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your contractor to turn your vision into reality.”

If this is beyond your budget at the moment, wash your windows inside and out. This simple step will bring in more light and really brighten up your home.

These ideas are easy to adjust to any budget, take little effort and make a major impact.

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Masha Koyen is the founder of Content Vertical, copywriting and content strategy for the design-build industry.

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A Renovation Journey. Join us for a continuing series as we bring a relatively untouched, tired-looking 1960's builder's-box bungalow into the 21st century.
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