Design Ideas 2022

by Bilha Kangethe

The new year is all about decorating with personality, and designer Bilha Kangethe breaks down what we can expect

The year 2021 was certainly an interesting one in interior design. I saw a focus on balance and functionality, as we spent more time in our homes. In 2022, things are going to change. Off the heels of Milan Design Week, exhibitions showcased refined spaces that were skillfully combined with bold colours and geometric forms. In effect, we anticipate 2022 trends to dial into personality and expect to see inspiring spaces that honor the fullness of living, telling a story of sustainability and nostalgia, mixed with an artful blend of colour choices and positivity about the future. Here are my top four trends for the new year.

Sculptural Silhouettes

This influence began in 2020 and is not slowing. Furniture with curvy rounded silhouettes, slender frames and chunky profiles will continue to be popular through this year.

Abel Brass MIRROR
Abel Brass MIRROR by Cb2

Material Mania


Natural materials, organic textures, and a blend of rich wood, marble, glass and metal combinations are taking centre stage in furniture and decor collections. Rattan and wicker trends continue to thrive, giving a more relaxed and airy feel in our interiors.

Post Modern Design


Reminiscent of the 1970s-90s post-modern design, is a revival of the original style. The bold shapes, colours and pop art that were favoured then have now become muted and softer. Materials such as travertine, terrazzo, velvet, boucle and coloured glass and plastics, instantly transport us to these past eras with one goal in mind – to provide comfort and cosiness, all the while making a statement in our interiors.

Not So Neutral

PHOTO: Vasil Chapesh

We are seeing a shift in colour in our interiors, saying goodbye to grey and white neutrals and adding colour in a fresh and exciting way. Grounded in natures deep earth tones, paired with rich jewel tones, this colour palette will inspire you throughout 2022.


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