Bringing new life to your neutrals

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by Red Barrinuevo

A neutral colour scheme is a great choice for many reasons. As a decorator and stylist, I find neutrals to be widely appealing, non-offensive, and they can work with virtually any furniture pieces you may already have. Neutrals are subtle and easy to work with, but they can border on boring when not done correctly. Let’s explore some ways to liven up a neutral backdrop and infuse your sense of style by using shape, colour and texture.

Think of your furnishings in terms of their shape, size and upholstery to liven up a basic backdrop. In a neutral room devoid of colour, your furniture pieces are what make it pop. For example, pattered accent pieces make a great statement and break up the monotony of the neutrals.

If your large-scale furniture pieces are “quiet” in terms of colour and upholstery, then you officially have permission to get loud with your accessories! For example, a bold rug or an eye-catching piece of wall art that echoes the colours of all the furnishings in the room will serve to visually tie the space together.

Next, bring texture to your neutrals by layering materials such as fur, natural fibers and bark cloth. Even when their colour family is the same, the interest comes via their tactile differences.

In the same vein as texture, I always recommend you alter your finishes. For example,  you don’t want every table and chair to be made of the same material. A combination of wood types, stone, mirror and metal delivers the variety you need to make your neutral space warm and inviting.

TIP: Metallic accents add texture without complicating the room’s colour scheme.

Remember that even a neutral space can benefit from a little colour here and their – especially when it’s doled out in small doses. Choose a single accent colour to pop against the neutrals, such as yellow or something equally vibrant.

A neutral colour palette is a great interior decorating choice, for many reasons. Neutrals are calming, refreshing and easy to personalize, and they typically survive the frequent change in trends, between seasons and even from year to year. The trick to a successful neutral interior lies between those beige walls – shape, texture and yes, even some colour, to bring that beige to life.