5 Interior Designs to watch out for in 2023


In 2022, the interior design world saw some of the most beautiful trends come through its doors. It brought every shade of green into our homes, we learned (and loved) the term “Organic Modern”, and we have grown to appreciate the finer things when it comes to housewares– linen, handmade pottery, and anything with an old-world artisan touch.

In 2023 I predict that we will see more of these trends that 2022 brought, and so much more. It’s an exciting year filled with beautiful organic textures, color, and drama. Here are 5 Interior Design trends you can expect to see more of in 2023.

A bonus trend! Checkerboard

Checkerboard is a brand new trend coming for 2023. You’ll see checkerboard in art, tile, rugs, throw pillows and blankets. This is one of those trends that comes down the pipes from fashion trends and it’s a great trend to include in small accessories– this is not a trend to invest in. It’s funky and reminds us that sometimes design is really fun!


Dark, moody, rich colour

This is the year for rich colour. We’re seeing brown come back, but it’s not like the brown we knew and eventually grew to loathe back in good old 2006. Think any brown you would see in your favourite morning beverage– chocolate, coffee, mocha. It feels warm, it might feel a little earthy– it’s giving cozy AF. We’re also seeing moody but muted blues, greens, and even some browny-mauves appearing on the colour scene. Thanks to designers like Amber Lewis and Ashley Montgomery– moody, dark, rich colours will be showing up in homes for the next few years. And while the white oak look is still going strong, we will be seeing darker woods with a true brown mid-tone to dark appearance popping up in furniture, cabinetry, millwork, and other accessories. Dark countertops will be gaining popularity as well such as granite and soapstone.


Statement stone

Towards the end of 2022, we’ve seen stone backsplashes popping up in kitchens everywhere, and you can expect to see this trend to be gaining more and more popularity in 2023 due to its simplistic and organic, yet beautifully minimal nature. Once again, you will see more dark and dramatic colouring in stone like marble and quartzite and even manmade porcelain slab. Along with kitchens and bathrooms, you will also see a resurgence of stone in fireplaces, however the stone will be light in colour, over-grouted and large format–think cozy english cottage.


Emphasis on lighting

In 2023, we will be seeing more of an emphasis placed on lighting and the beauty, function, and atmosphere it can create. Gone are the days where an overhead light is simply flicked on when you walk in a room– people are starting to pay attention to ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting and how all these lighting types work together to create an elevated experience for everyday life. Think under cabinet lighting, art lighting, well placed sconces, and statement chandeliers and pendants.


Organic modern still going strong

Another trend that is coming in hot from the end of 2022 is Organic Modern. Organic Modern is a blend of minimal modern lines, combined with natural elements that promotes a feeling of calm and wellness. You’ll see lots of Biophilic design here as well as lots of emphasis placed on handmade artisan goods with materials such as linen, ceramics, and stone. You’ll also see a mix of both curved and organic lines in this design style, as well as elements that have been trending in previous years such as rustic wood and turkish rugs. This style is expected to stick around for the next few years, and you will see many of these elements popping up in mainstream decor stores.

Source: www.fifteentwelvehomeco.com


Emphasis placed on sustainability and timelessness via transitional design

This last one might sound out of place, considering that this is an article about design trends for 2023. However, for the last few years many interior design trends have been leaning hard towards sustainable design. More and more, consumers are looking for products that will stand the test of time both from a durability standpoint and from a design standpoint. Higher quality finishes are sought after such as real wood, stone, and handmade wool rugs. Vintage and antique shopping has seen an uptick and we are seeing DIYers both restore and rethink some of these vintage and antique finds to make them work in their own homes. Homeowners are starting to see the value of finishings and furnishings that will grow and adapt with them as they move through the seasons of their lives– and their desire to both save their hard earned cash in the long run, and keep fast design out of landfills has pushed sustainable and timeless design to the forefront. This is bringing forth a style we may have seen in the last few years but didn’t know the name of and that style is Transitional Design. Transitional design is a mix of old and new, modern and traditional. It’s warm and inviting, a design full of self expression and history, and we can expect to see more of this in the next few years.

Brittany McNab
Brittany McNab

Fifteen Twelve Home Co. is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Brittany and Taylor McNab in Calgary, AB. Fifteen Twelve was started out of a love of design and interiors in 2018 with a simple wall hanging idea and since then has grown to include Interior Design Services, furniture, and home décor. Brittany is also one of the three designers for Reel Room, one of the features for the Calgary Renovation Show happening at the BMO Centre from January 13-15, 2023. Reel Rooms is designed by some of the city’s best influencers, DIY experts and designers inspired by their spaces that have gone viral online

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