6 easy ways to spring-clean your kitchen

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1 Before you start, imagine your ideal life!

Visualize a space that would inspire you to cook and think about what type of food you enjoy making. Having this vision will give you clarity on the type of items you’ll need to keep and how your kitchen can support you.

2 Tidy by category

Don’t tackle your kitchen and pantry all at once as it can quickly feel overwhelming. It will be easier to work by subcategory as you will be able to see how much you own, compare similar items to identify favourites,’ and let go of duplicates. In your kitchen, the major subcategories are tools for cooking (i.e. small appliances, pots and pans etc.), tools for eating (i.e. cutlery, plates and bowls etc.), and food (dried goods, drinks and snacks etc.). You can break each subcategory down even further to make it more manageable if needed.


3 Use clear storage containers

There are many benefits to using clear storage containers in your kitchen, pantry and fridge. This easy trick will increase the joy factor by reducing visual clutter from various food packaging and help you see what you have on hand at a glance. When you use airtight containers, it will also help you reduce food waste by keep your food fresher and last longer. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids are designed to be easy to store and help to keep the cabinets and fridge organized with a space-saving, modular design for perfect stacking and organization.

4 Vertical storage is key

When it comes to storage, consider storing items vertically where possible. Use stackable storage containers in your pantry to maximize your vertical storage. The Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids are the perfect solution to your container cupboard, their bases best inside each other when storing, and one lid fits multiple bases. Items like baking trays and cutting boards will also take up less space when stored vertically. In the fridge, you can consider storing vegetables like carrots and asparagus vertically by putting them into a cup!

5 Clear your counters

Minimize what you store on the counters and pay special attention to keeping the counter space near your stove clear because that area is particularly prone to splatters of food and oil. Having clear counters will make it easier for you to prepare your food and be easier to clean. In a kitchen that sparks joy, cleanliness is crucial!

6 Joy-check everything!

To create a kitchen that sparks joy, don’t forget to joy-check everything by holding each item in your hand and ask yourself, does it spark joy? You can joy-check everything from tools for eating and cooking to food. Let go of anything that doesn’t spark joy or have served their purposes with gratitude.

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