Made Pho You


Osborne Street is not just a street in Winnipeg, it is a vibrant community with history.

Heather and Tom love areas with history. They started their first restaurant, Pho Hoang, on Sargent in 2011 and have looked for areas in Winnipeg that build on the sense of community when they decide to expand their restaurants.

I first met them when they wanted a bit of help with the space on Osborne. Both Tom and Heather realized that restaurant design can greatly contribute to a business’s success. They had already rented the space and were looking for direction for the character of this new restaurant. Heather had a distinct persona she wanted for the space. She sent her inspiration to us and that was all it took! We developed the character based on her criterial: authentic Vietnamese with a modern twist, using a sense of nature, casual sophistication, drama and a bit of whimsy.

Thoughtful design contributes to the experience. Here are some insights on how the design came about:

The design started with a tile that Heather had in mind. The pattern was perfect! The use of two different patterns together, paired with a unique design layout, enhanced the overall visual experience.

The skylights were the inspiration to bring in more nature. They would allow for natural light to flood the area and allow plants to actually grow in the space.

The wood walls enhanced the feeling of nature, the logos burnt in the wood add a layer of texture and emanate the authenticity of being hand crafted.

The wood slats were used to create an ease of flow, a sense of intimacy while still allowing a perception of open space.

Hints of Vietnamese culture were brought in by the utilization of the conical hats repeated in a sculptural way.

A variety of light fixtures were mixed to create a more casual and visually warm space.

Pho Hoang is not just Pho, it is also a rolled ice cream shop! The Asian street food premiered at the Sargent location. This unique treat is made right in front of you. The back wall needed some graphic Eye Candy and we came up with a design that took the noodles and transform them into rolled ice cream.

We love how the space delivered the brand, the Authentic Vietnamese food and we love the relationship we have built with the clients as a team. It makes pho a great outcome!