AVD and RollOut introduce new brutalist-inspired wallpaper

Desert Dining

For the last 11 years Alykhan Velji’s boutique design firm has brought an energetic flavour to the Canadian design scene. Known as a master of mixing design styles, patterns and textures, he loves to add a hint of the unexpected to each of his projects – ensuring that each design is personalized, goes beyond the current trends, and stands the test of time.

“My love for introducing patterns and texture in my designs is something that I have come to be known for. It adds so much character and life to a space,” he says. “This can be done through textiles, fabrics, and wallcoverings. Layering spaces is also key and by using of all of these components, you can really create spaces that have personality.”

Aly Velji

Designing spaces using murals has been a particular favourite. Now, Aly is collaborating with the renowned RollOut wallpaper design company to introduce a new line of wallcoverings. Inspired by Aly’s heritage, and brutalist architecture – a minimalist construction style that emerged in the 150s – this new line is the latest at Aly Velji Design.

Three distinctive wall mural designs are available.


Overlaying soft forms and sharp angles found in brutalist architecture makes this a study in contrast. Working with colours found in nature and a subtle linen background results in an approachable yet dramatic look.


Natural tones of sand, pinks and ochre work together with organic shapes that take inspiration from the desert and brutalist architecture. The stark contrast of areas that are often thought of as bar, dry and extreme to show a softer side of both.


Taking inspiration from the red earth, clear ocean and lush greens found in my native country, Tanzania. The palette has been chosen to evoke the spirit and sensation of tropical latitudes and a lovely casual breeziness.

Go to alyveljidesigns.com and rollout.ca for more information.