5 easy ways to incorporate fall colours into your bedroom

cosy sitting nook with oversized art

Fall palettes have always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s because I have the pleasure of living in Ontario, where the colours of the season range from bright yellows and stunning reds to moody browns. Our ever-evolving landscape of autumn leaves decorating tree branches create the perfect colour mix to pull new design ideas from, and sprinkle into, our own interior landscape.

With the change of season quickly approaching, I recently asked William Corbeil, V.P. of product for Maison Corbeil, how he incorporates fall decor into his bedroom designs. “Fall is the perfect time of year to bring in cosy, warm textures to your space,” he says. “Think sheepskin and bouclé fabric. This bedroom was made more welcoming by injecting warm colours like brown and rust. These beautiful fall colours can easily be layered into existing rooms to warm up a space, like we did with this oversized art. For more neutral spaces, try layering in textural elements such as modern art, a plush taupe rug or warm woods to give the space a different feel, such as in a welcoming sitting area.”

Drawing from a seasonal colour inspiration, I am sharing easy ways to incorporate the lush “colourscape” of fall into your bedroom decor because let’s face it, fall evenings generally beckon us to curl up in bed, tea in hand.

bedroom with warm colours like brown and rust
Photo: Maison Corbeil

1| Invest in a cosy new duvet cover

Duet duvet cover
Duet duvet cover. aulitfinelinens.com

I appreciate the softness and breathability of linen. The texture of this fabric is also perfectly on trend for the fall.

2| Change up your room scent

Five-wick japonica scented candle
Five-wick japonica scented candle. voluspa.com

Now is the time to burn luxurious candles with deep scents like orange, sandlewood and vanilla.

3| Create a cosy reading corner

Plush accent chair
Plush accent chair. maisoncorbeil.com

Add a plush accent chair, the perfect mix of comfortable and textural interest.

4| Incorporate a mural or wallpaper

Printed mural or wallpaper
Printed mural or wallpaper. londonart.it

This is the perfect cosy backdrop to any bed. Use papers that give the illusion of fabric or being hand-painted for extra richness.

5| Paint your walls with a deep colour

paint your wall a deep colour
paint your wall a deep colour. christinacoleandco.com

If you are brave enough to paint your walls a deep colour to celebrate all things cosy, you will love the bedroom above by designer Christina Cole.

Amanda Aerin
Amanda Aerin
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